Student Interview With John Ifeanyi Isaac

John Isaac Ifeanyi of DIvine Wisdom International Christian School

Yes! We had a chat with the Grand Prize Winner at Innovative Future Essay Writing Competition 2017 -Master John Issac Ifeanyi of Divine Wisdom International Christian Schools Aba.

His story continues to inspire young students!

Read the conversation below

Innovative Future

Hello John. It’s nice getting in touch with after that excitement filled Saturday at the Innovative Future Essay Writing Competition Award Ceremony 

Use your best words to describe how excited you were to be announced the grand winner of Innovative Future Essay Writing Competition?


I was speechless and overwhelmed with joy. Words cannot modify My feelings.

I really felt honored!

Innovative Future


We noticed you were the first to arrive on the essay writing date, meaning you were really prepared for the competition. 

Could you let us in on the steps you took to prepare for the competition


Actually, it was all about God’s grace 

I invested some time into researching about the essay topic. I gathered a lot of information and then put them down in a book.

I also went to teachers, read resources and lots more. 

The final piece was practice. I tried writing from different perspectives and at the end of the day, I settled for the best write-up. 

Innovative Future

That must have taken a lot of effort and you will be happy it got you the results


To say ‘happy’ would be an understatement

Innovative Future

Cool! So tell us the reactions from the school, your parents, teachers, and friends after the event.


It has been an awesome experience.
My school felt very happy on hearing the announcement of the result.They were really proud me being their student.
My family was proud of the glory and esteem it brought. In fact, you need to see how I was treated. Like a god.

Innovative Future

That celebrity feeling. We’re sure you’ve enjoyed it.


John Ifeanyi Isaac Presented with Innovative Future Essay Writing competition Grand Prize
(John Issac Ifeanyi Receiving 15000 Cash Prize For Finishing 1st At Innovative Future Essay Writing Competition 2017)

What do such praises motivate you to do ?


I am motivated to read more and I will keep going for similar competitions. I’ll do my best to excel in my academics because the rewards are really great.

Innovative Future

After nicking this competition, do you think you’ve got the skills to excel as a writer in the future?


Definitely! If I continue to work, then I can.

Innovative Future

Good!What are your thoughts about Innovative Future and its impact on the life of students in Nigeria?


In a word, this organization has been Innovative.

I must confess it is really motivating and I believe if there are more of this team around, the world will be a better place to live in.

Innovative Future

Ok great!


What advice would you give to fellow students on this platform?


To cultivate the habit of constant study.Try to learn something new every day. 

Make the best choice of friends.They have a big part to play in your life.Your association determines your acceleration to a target destination.

It’s as simple as that!

Innovative Future

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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