4 Profitable Computer Skills For Students

4 Profitable Computer Skills For Students 1

Profitable computer skills for 21st century students
You probably know that the world has gone digital and it is very difficult to get along and make a great impact in this tech-driven century, without a good knowledge of the computer.

In fact, computer skill is actually the most sought after in the world right now and you already have a good knowledge of it, since you could get to this post from your mobile device without needing anyone’s assistance.

Where it gets tough however is trying to get closer to tech and choosing a profitable computer skill to concentrate on as a student or teenager.

This post has a list of the best computer skills you can really make a lot of money from in this modern era, that is if you develop a passion for it.

Four Profitable Computer Skills For Students


1. Word Processing

Written text will always remain a part of human endeavor and becomes more and more crucial because of the need to organize and transfer human thoughts to a device

Presenting written text in a clear and readable format is the goal of word processing.

Computer software such as Word Pad, Microsoft Office Word, and Grammarly is used for this purpose.

Becoming a word processing expert affords you the opportunity to work with firms that need your services, the pay is really handsome.

Here’s are things you can do

  • Create text documents  for several purposes
  • Convert texts across different text formats TXT, PDF, EPUB, DOC etc

You could also make a lot of money teaching people what you know about word processing.

Another way of cashing in on this skill is by providing professional services on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

2. Programming /Coding


This is the most trending skill on this list and is being touted as a hot prospect for the near future.

Programming also knew as coding is the general term used to describe the work of people who create computer software.

The use of common computer programming languages such as Assembly, COBOL, Python, Java, Lisp and C++ in developing computer software, websites, mobile application or embedded firmware is a great prospect for any young person.

Coding computer skill for students

The good thing about coding is that you can actually learn it online using websites like and
Google can also help a student get access to free coding resources on the web.

In fact, in countries like China and US, Coding is now a school subject for five-year-olds.

The number of software, mobile apps and website are on the increase.

Every upgrading 21st-century organization needs the service of a programmer at one point or the other and the pay package is really huge.

You can also make more money by organizing coding classes for interested people.

3. Graphics Designing

This works perfectly for very creative students and teens and is sure to sell because every organization needs graphics work done at one time or the other.

Creating logos, editing pictures, designing fliers and banners, infographics and book covers are basically what a graphic designer does.

You can offer this skill in exchange for money on or simply start up your offline or online business in order to get clients that you can work for.

Another potential source of income is teaching people how to do real graphics, but you need to be an expert in other to succeed with this.

4. Spreadsheet Management

Collecting and managing data has been made super easy with the aid of a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel, Lotus 123, Open Office calc etc

This, however, is not a job for everyone as data mismanagement can lead to a great loss for any firm. Hence, the need to hire experts.

Getting this skill set in your portfolio means that you can carefully present a large volume of data in a simple and easy to understand format, using spreadsheet packages.

Organizations who deal with data (everyone does) are always on the lookout for expert spreadsheet managers and the salary is quite attractive.

Just like any other skill, you can make money from teaching others what you know.

Rounding Up

Tech is taking over the world.

Gathering a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge of any of the skills listed above are guaranteed to make you loads of money and is better than being addicted to your mobile phone.

But you must remain strongly focused with one and get mastery over it. Become an expert and you can go on to build your own brand.

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