5 Things To Know Before You Start Coding 1

5 Things To Know Before You Start Coding


If you’re looking to start coding for the first time, then you likely would want to know what to expect. In this post, we reveal five things you should know before you start writing codes.

For a start, it is important to you learn in very simple terms what programming or coding is.

It is the process of writing instructions that will be executed by a computer device. The same way, you need to tell a young child what to do, you also need to tell computer what actions to take or it would be simply useless to have a computer.

Now we got that, there are important facets of programming you should understand before you set out on your way.

Five Things To Know Before You Start Coding

1. Programming Is Easy But Hard

As awkward as the above statement may sound, it is one of the simplest truths you will learn about coding. Programming can be so easy if you go all out for it, the same way you go after something you do not want to miss.

You need some passion and seriousness to get by as a programmer, hence if you take it by a light hand, learning how to code will become a daunting task.

Having the spend your spare time in front of a computer screen and not with some of your friends, can be a hard thing to get used to.

However, the moment you treat learning how to code as an important job, then you’re chances of getting really good at it increases.

2. Programming Is Time Consuming

Writing computer programs can take you a whole lot of time.

One reason for this is that computers are so dumb that they cannot understand very simple instructions. Hang on, let’s explain.

If you want to tell a child to get you a glass of water, your instructions will likely be,

John, please get me a glass of water

To make a computer carry out a similar action, it would require that you write the instructions in very simpler details, or the computer fails to execute it.

Writing in simpler details could mean that the instruction above, when written as a computer code would have to include

  • How the device moves from its current position to the water source – to run or jump
  • What the water source looks like – tap or waterfall
  • Quantity of water to be transferred – 1 or 2 litres
  • and lots more

Also, do not forget that you’re not writing in your native language but in codes which are bound by other specific rules.

In the end, because you have to figure out exactly how to relate your instructions to the computer so that it doesn’t get lost, programming becomes very time-consuming.

3. Programming Enhances Problem Solving Skills

This has perhaps become the greatest advantages of learning how to code.

In fact, it is one of the reasons why coding is now taught as a subject to five-year-olds in developed countries.

Here’s how it works.

As you write down the various steps that make up an executable program, you gain more insights into how certain processes work and sometimes have to think so hard to figure out what is the bug in a malfunctioning program.

This will invariably improve your brain power when you do it regularly.

4. There Is No One Programming Language For Everything

Just as we have English, French, Spanish, German and even native languages for communicating with people from different places, there are also different programming languages for different purposes.

HTML and CSS, for instance, is used for web development but cannot be used to build a standalone mobile application.

An easy guide to choosing a programming language would be understanding exactly what project (program) you would love to come up with at the end of the day.  Then, research on the best programming language for writing such projects.

If your search has been for the one programming language that can be used for everything, then we’re sorry to disappoint you. It doesn’t exist!

5. Programming Can Be Fun


Even though coding can be time-consuming and somewhat strenuous, it can be really fun to write your program from start to finish and watch it run perfectly on the target device.

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That is the joy of every programmer!

Rounding Up

While there are many other concepts you would get to know when you start your programming journey, we’ve covered five things to know before you start coding and with these in mind, you can really go on to achieve success as a programmer.

We wish you success on your way!

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