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6 Things You Could Do With Your Free Period At School

A Student On Free Period

Amongst other things that a student cherish most is their free time at school.
Whether break time or teacher’s absence from class, students always love a time off.

You may however get caught up and use absolutely your whole free period at school doing nothing of value.

Well, those days are over.
Here are six recommended activities you could engage in during free peiod at school.

1.Play Word Games With Friends 

Word games help improve your IQ as well as improve your writing ability .

You and your friends could learn new words using the dictionary or as an alternative write out some complicated words.Each person gives out a word while the others try to spell and give out the meaning of the words.

You can also try out some word puzzles like the one below.

How To Spend Your Free Peiod

This activity also sparks up some opportunities to get new friends, especially if you just moved to a new school and need to settle down quickly.

2.Review What Has Been Studied 

You could spend your free time going through what you have learnt prior to it.
Scan through your notes and try to recall what the teacher has said on his last visit to your class.
If it’s break time, then we recommended a quick review of what you’ve learnt from classes before then.

3.Chat Up A Teacher 

Next lecture class?  Well that’s not exactly what it is. Your teachers have a lot of experience you could tap into by listening to them, therefore a chat with perhaps your favourite teacher during your free time is a nice idea.Most teachers are really good at carrying on conversations.


Looking for a chat topic?

A question from their most recent lecture or a little problem you are battling with in your academics can serve up a nice conversation.

4.Visit The Library 

If your school has a library, then it’s probably one of the most suitable places to spend your free time. You could pick up a story book or a textbook and we bet you wouldn’t even know when the free time elapses.

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If your school has no library, then you can pick a quiet spot in your school to spend your free time.

5.Take A Nap 

This is an option especially if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Do not sleep till the point that you eventually switch off from school activities.
A few minutes of sleep during a free time refreshes your memory, helping it assimilate what have been given to it up till that point.

6.Play Around

Yes! You read that right.
Not for free periods,though, as it could result in punishment. Playing around during break time is no offence.

After some school work, reasonable play for a while relaxes your memory and prepares it for the next series of lectures.


Do not play rough or too much that you forget that you’re in school and also do not exceed break time or you’ll have to play catch up when lessons resume after break.

Remember, doing things in moderation is fantastic.

Now You’re Set!

Tell Us Your Favorite Way To Spend Your Free Time at School.

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