Best Easy Steps To Learn Computer Hacking

Ask anyone who knows how to hack into a computer device and they’ll tell you that hacking is fun.

But learning how to hack is not an easy thing to do. For one thing, you will need to know the computer basics or at least be digitally savvy.

You’ll also need to know exactly what hacking is and then you can follow these steps to make the journey to learning hacking tactics easier for you.

7 Easy Steps To Learn Computer Hacking

Step 1

Become Digitally Savvy

Start out with reading books on every major digital technology there is. Keep in mind, though that this does not involve diving deep into all of them or you will never have time to know them all.

So, you can concentrate on mastering how to interact with digital devices and use them to accomplish meaningful tasks. This is obviously not how to make calls on your mobile or print documents on a PC, anyone can do that.

As a starter, you will find it helpful to learn how the email service works, how websites keep their data safe and how to track user behavior on the web.

As time goes on, you can focus on learning a little bit about everything in the IT domain.

Step 2

Acquire Knowledge of OS Basics

Operating systems form the basics of each computer device, therefore before you start learning how to break into other types of software, you need to know the basic ways to interact with an OS.

Try these for a start,

  • Learn how to install Windows and Linux.
  • Learn networking concepts like IP address, subnets, TCP/IP, OSI model, LAN, WAN.
  • Master the functions of the switch, router, firewall, access point etc
  • Know what DNS, DHCP, SNMP, ARP, NAT are.
  • Know  HTTP, FTP, Telnet, RDP, SSH, POP, SMTP, SSL, NetBios

A clear understanding of these things will help you see how data travels through the OSI layers and the role of each layer in the data transfer.  

Step 3

Master Operating System (OS) Internals

The Windows operating system may be easy and convenient for most users, but it is certainly not suited for hackers.

With the exception of a few windows tools, most hacking tools run best under Linux environment.  

You can use any Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora, but BackTrack and Kali are two major Linux distros specifically designed for hackers.

They come loaded with all the popular hacking tools, saving you from the trouble of downloading them yourself.

However, If you are not comfortable with leaving windows as yet, you can use VirtualBox to install BackTrack in your system, or you can dual boot your operating systems.

Step 4

Learn Programming  Languages

Knowing programming languages is very important if your goal is to become a top computer hacker.

This is because you will only be able to dissect a program’s code and analyze it if you know the language used for that program.

In addition, a good knowledge of different languages will allow you to write your own scripts or your own hacking tools.

So where will you start, here are a few suggestions when it comes to choosing a programming language.

For Web Hackers

HTML, C, C++, and JavaScript are languages of the internet, therefore you should learn them first.

For General Software Hackers

Experts recommend Python as the best language for computer hacking. This is because, aside from being extremely powerful,  it easy to learn.

With Python, you can achieve your results with minimal coding, and it does not need to be compiled. That means, just as you finish writing a script, you can immediately run it without having to compile it.

And later on in life, if you decide to become a programmer instead of a hacker, Python can develop GUI applications also. In fact, a large part of YouTube is written in Python.

Now aside from Python, another language you should learn is PHP.

PHP is also a free and open source.

It is a server-side scripting language which simply means that login page,  and other web-based forms are handled by PHP.

Moving further, knowledge of ASP. NET, MySQL commands, and syntax are vital. It will help you perform SQL injection attacks against websites when you finally become a professional in computer hacking.

Step 5

Start an Open Source

In order to improve your programming skills, you can start an open source project and work on it with friends who have similar ambitions.

Download the source code of popular open source projects and study the code. Sourceforge and Github are excellent starting points.

Now that is almost all about the technical steps to become a computer hacker. From this point, we will discuss other simple steps you can take.

Step 6

Have a Journal For Computer Hacking

As you progress, maintain a journal and make a list of all the hacks you want to achieve over time.

Work on the objectives you set, be consistent without giving up until you are successful.

As you record everything in your journal, this will help you reflect on how far you have come and encourage you to do more.

Step 7

Grow The Ability To Think like a Computer Hacker

Hacking is not only about computers. It is also about how you use logic and ingenuity to solve the problems you encounter in your day to day life. Nothing is really hack-proof, electronic voting machines, electronic doors, biometric systems and many more have all been hacked in the past.

Whenever you encounter any technology, think about how it can be exploited to perform another action. In order to become a hacker, you must start thinking like one, you should possess a natural curiosity for solving puzzles and taking up challenges.

Extra Tip
Always Practice

Practice makes perfect so, keep practicing and keep learning, that is the only way to go.  

You’ve also heard before that time is precious, right?


Utilize every moment to practice what you’re learning.

If you know people who have websites or small companies, talk to them and ask them to give you a chance to perform penetration tests (ethical hacking) for their websites and networks.

This will give you work experience and of course more confidence.

Rounding Up

Becoming a computer hacker is not an easy job, it does not just happen in days or weeks, it takes a lot of time, maybe many months and even years to reach to the level where you can call yourself a hacker.

However, improving your hacking skills could well set you up for a career in cybersecurity sometime in the future.

Now, you’ll need to start somewhere, that is, putting into practice the easy ways to learn computer hacking which we have shared in this post.

Success wishes!

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