learn computer coding fast

Do you want to learn computer coding fast?

Hold on.

You need to sleep before you can say you woke up. Learning computer coding doesn’t really have a fast way since every approach has its pros and cons.

However, you just need to find out what way works best for you and it then it can go pretty fast. You will also have to be consistent with learning and not forget practicing in order to perfect your skills.

If you got that clear, now we reveal some ways that you can learn computer coding and hopefully, you can become a pro real fast.

Seven Ways You Can Learn Computer Coding Fast

1)Study Good Computer Coding Books

Many books that teach coding can be purchased from a bookstore or on websites like Amazon in ebook format. If you’re not a fan of electronic download, you can also request paperback copies of the coding books from Amazon.

There are a series of books for different levels, books for beginners and experts. Just choose a good book and you’d be fine.

Here are our top picks for starters

You can also get thousands of valuable books for free on GitHub for your use.

2)Watch Video Tutorials online

There are thousands of video tutorials online that show you how to code a computer. Once you have a strong data connection, you can either watch these videos on YouTube or buy some on Amazon.

What’s great about video tutorials is that you get the element of human connection. This is great for staying interested and motivated.

You can as well watch video tutorials on Lynda and csedweek.

3)Enrolling In an Online Class

Online classes offer convenience, flexibility and It is quite easy finding an online class for learning to code.

Signing up is as simple as supplying your email address and some details that can be used to create a customized learning experience.

You could check out coding courses on these online classes, coursera, edx, udemy. Codeacademy also offers free and paid computer coding courses.

4)Attending Live Workshops/Training

Attending a coding workshop like meetups and training in real life is the traditional way to learn computer coding.

Most people prefer this method because it’s easier to communicate, you can ask questions and interact with the tutor.

This is something you can’t always do on the internet, so you may consider it if you’re not the digital type.

5)Play Coding Games on Mobile and Desktop

This method of learning is usually fun and is good for those who like to have fun while learning. You get to play with the codes and at the same time increase your knowledge

A number of these coding games are available on codecombat, codingame, playcodemonkey etc.

6)Be Persistent

To learn how to code real fast, you need to set your goals and map out how you’re going to achieve them.

For instance, you could decide how much HTML codes you want to learn within a specific time. Also, you can decide what time of projects you want to able to work on over a specific period of time.

In a nutshell, for you to know, write and solve anything that has to do with computer coding, you need to stay 100 percent committed to the course.

7)Practice Coding Even More Than You Learn

Yes! You read that right, you need to go beyond the boundary of what you’re learning and try doing the stunts.

Practice makes perfect and this principle also applies to code. By practicing it yourself, you can get a proper feel of what coding is about. You will discover that coding isn’t as hard as it seems and maybe in little or no time, you can become a pro!

Remember also that you are allowed to fail or make mistakes because it is all a part of the learning process, so don’t be discouraged when you fail.

Rounding Up

Now you know the ways you can learn computer coding real fast. The next step is to find out which of the seven ways listed above that can work best for you.

The moment you find it, keep learning and you’ll be amazed at how much you will achieve

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