Thanks for wanting to know more about us.

Innovative Future is an online platform dedicated to raising the next generation of African inventors and tech professionals.

Having studied the life of the world’s most famous inventors, we realize that a lot of them started their projects at a very young age and was given the right learning, practice and display platforms.

This is directly in opposition to what we have in Africa where more emphasis is placed on formal education with little or no regard being given to young ones who have natural world-class skills and abilities.

This has led to massive unemployment rates in Africa and agonizingly a channel of these skills to the wrong field of human endeavor.

We Are Here For A Change

We believe that the next generation will be super productive and unemployment rates will be drastically reduced if the African child is equipped with profitable and viable tech skills.

Since technology is the future, a possession of these skills will directly enable the child to face the foreseeable tech-driven workforce with more confidence. In the end, we will raise top-notch entrepreneurs, inventors, and job creators.

Our Mission

To help young ones discover tech skills that are aligned with their talent and providing an online platform that employs modern and easy to understand curriculum in imparting these skills.

At Innovative Future, we believe that being productive is for everyone. Even, children and teenagers can embrace technology to make a positive impact in the community even at a very young age.

On this platform, we provide free and paid resources to make this our dream of raising an independent and tech-savvy next generation possible.

We provide a medium for Africa’s young inventors to showcase their talents, in progress or completed projects to the world. If you know any child or teenagers whose project you want to world to see, please submit a request via this contact form and we will catch the trail quickly.