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All About E-bike

E-bike is also known as Electronic bike and it’s a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. There are actually many kinds of bikes that are available. all retain the ability to be paddled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles what are electric bicycles.

Lighter e-bikes can travel up to 25 to 30km/h, related to local news, the more high-powered varieties of e-bikes can go more than 45km/h and it uses rechargeable batteries.


Components of E-bike.

There are three basic components of a bike which are;

  1. The Battery.
  2. The Motor.
  3. The Sensor.

Now let’s look into these component:

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  1. The Battery: The battery on an e-bike can be located in various places of the bike and it depends on the frame type and size of the bike. Charging of the battery is very easy, it is like a mobile phone you plug into the wall.   All About E-bike 3
  2. The Motor: The motor of an e-bike can be placed in different areas. Each have his benefits, front hub and mild-drive motor. the aim of the motto is to control and the torque and the more advanced the electric motor,  the more torque it offers. The more torque you have, the more power you can get out of the bike.   All About E-bike 4
  3. The Sensor: The sensor on an electric bike is a highly important components. There are two different types of sensors used on different e-bikes, a speed sensor or torque sensor. The speed sensor immediately engage the motor once you begin paddling which gives you the right assistance while the torque set responds with just a small amount of assistance to match up your speed when you are moving.


How to maintain E-bikes.

You know, as a bike owner, you actually need to maintain your bike so it can last you for a very long time. Below are some ways in which you can maintain your bike and make it last longer for you.

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Initial Bedding In

Most dealers offer a full set up with the bike, this is important as the bike will need to be set up properly to be able to function well. Some dealers also offer a free first service, this is particularly useful as generally with a new bike there is a “bed in” period. During the bed in process, new gear cables can stretch a little, whilst bolts can settle, therefore it’s good practice to have the bike checked over within the first few hundred miles to ensure properly adjusted gears and that all bolts are tight.

Service Schedules

How often and far you ride will affect how often your bike will require servicing, for most people this interval will be between six months to a year, providing the bike hasn’t sustained any damage whilst in use.

Bike Cleaning Routine

Keeping your bike clean will help to prolong time between services, this is as dirt can accelerate wear of components, especially moving parts such as the drive chain. Whilst this might sound like a large investment of time, if undertaken on a regular basis as needed, will take up very little time.

Cleaning with bike specific cleaners will ensure the process is straightforward and will avoid damage to any components. Post cleaning “bike shine” products are also available, which leave a protective layer over the frame/paintwork, keeping the bike looking like new for longer. These shine products usually help to avoid dirt sticking to the bike, making the next bike clean easier, although it is important to avoid getting these near any braking surfaces.

Drive Chain Routine

A clean drive chain will improve the quality of shifting, increase the lifespan and keep the drive train quiet. It is important to not to just re lubricate a dirty drive train, as this will create a “grinding paste” which will increase wear on the chain.

Cleaning down the chain, jockey wheels, cassette and chain rings prior to application of lube will alleviate this issue, greatly improving the lifespan. Using a bike specific chain lubricant is also important, as this is specifically designed to keep the chain lubricated without affecting performance, also helping to keep the chain clean as dirt will be less prone to adhering to the chain.

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All of the above will lead to a happy on-going e-bike experience and extend the life of your electric bike.

In Conclusion.

You’re cycling along a smooth, flat road, and suddenly a large hill appears before you.

If you’re on a regular bicycle, you take a deep breath, downshift, and start pedaling hard. But if you’re on an electric bike, you can just relax: Either the pedal assist will kick in automatically, helping you to glide uphill, or you’ll activate the throttle for a quick boost. Either way, you can reach the top of the hill without breaking a sweat.

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