American multinational global technology group, Cisco has revealed plans to provide digital skill training to over 1 million people in Africa and 10 million across the world in the next five years.

In an interview reported by Business Live, Cisco’s CEO Chunk Robbins disclosed that the training is open to both graduates and nongraduates and will provide opportunities and liberation for Africans by “educating and getting them close to digital world”.

He said, on the completion of the scheme, the firm will create job opportunities within the company or business partners. The company has so far trained a total of 9 million students over the past 10 years and want’s to add to this number.

Cisco’s general manager for sub-Sahara Africa Clayton Naidoo acknowledged that the ultimate goal for their company is to give support to entrepreneurs, technologists, agents to social media change whose priority is to provide remedies to global problems.

These group of people can embrace the internet of things (IoT) and global digitalization, to quickly implement their innovative ideas which in turn makes a positive change in society.

CiSCO Coming to South Africa Soon

According to Robbins, the Cisco digital acceleration program has a partnership 20 head of states in different countries and will soon make its South African debut.

He said that Cisco’s continued success in S.A makes it obligatory for them to come up with “better initiative to drive entrepreneurship, expedite GDP work with service providers and Telecom companies to provide more broadband connective to people”

He concluded by saying that “Right now we (Cisco) are thinking through what it will look like in SA and we are probably a few months away from bringing that into life.”

If the programme succeeds in South Africa, he reckoned that can it can be taken to other parts of the region.

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