difference between a developer and programmer

In this post, we tackle one of the most confusing questions in the tech and internet space.

What is the difference between a computer programmer and a computer developer?

Just before we get on with it, we’ll take you through the basics of what each aspect of these computer jobs involves.

What is computer programming?

Computer programming is the craft of creating a set of instructions or codes that helps a computer to perform a specific task. This original set of instructions executed by the computers are also known as source code and involves the use of one or more programming languages.

What is computer development?

Computer development is the process of creating and testing computer hardware and software. We have the hardware development which is to create the physical component of computer systems while software development is to work on programs that can be used by computers.

It is the latter part, (software development) that is often confused with a programming, but we can literally tell the differences between a programmer and a developer given the general nature of the work done by a computer developer.

Now you can fish out more differences by taking a closer look at the role involved in each job.

Role of a Programmer

  • A programmer writes codes, making sure it is error free and able to be understood by the computer system. It is thought to be all about the ability to know about good codes within a particular domain.
  • Programmers are not involved in the different phases of software development.
  • They apply the best method for the solutions to a particular problem. Most of these programmers are responsible for creating part of a program that is why is said earlier that they are not related to all different phases of software development
  • Programmers are responsible for debugging problems and adding new actions (codes) to an already existing program.
  • The codes written by a programmer enables the software to perform its role or function, which makes it the lowest-level task in the software development process. So you could also consider it a subset of a developer.

Role of a Developer

  • A software developer creates applications that can be run on the computer and is involved in the whole process.
  • Developers make use of the programmers’ work (programming language or code) to develop their own work or product and services.
  • They also carry out either design or upgrade for the maintenance of an existing program.
Final Words

Even though no one would send you to jail for using the words ‘developer’ and ‘programmer’ interchangeably, there are clear differences in the work done by the involved workers as we have revealed in this post.

What other differences exist between a computer developer and a programmer?

Let us know in the comments

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