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Thoughtonomy, an AI-based Virtual Workforce service provider has announced a partnership with DigiBlu, a startup that works towards digital workforce implementation across Africa.

The goal of the new partnership as revealed in a press release by Thoughtonomy is “to deliver the first SaaS based Intelligent Automation solution in Africa”.

With a combination of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Thoughtonomy has already developed a Virtual Workspace that emulates human workers and tries to carry out existing processes.

As a result of the new deal, this Virtual Platform will be developed as a Software as a service platform and can help organizations who embrace it to increase productivity.

Automating some business processes would allow the company workers to focus their attention on other affairs that can spur growth.

Speaking about the prospect of the new product that has been brought about by the partnership with DigiBlu, Terry Walby, CEO & Founder of Thoughtonomy said in the release,

“Intelligent Automation offers organisations looking to set up or expand operations in emerging economies across Africa a rapid, agile and cost-effective means to do so.”

“By deploying a flexible virtual workforce within these operating units, businesses can deliver a first-rate service to customers without having to develop a sizeable infrastructure, which is invariably slow, difficult, or prohibitively expensive”.

Organization Already Testing DigiBlu and Thoughtonomy Software As A Service Platform

As revealed in the release, a premier South Africa-based financial services agency will be among the first beneficiaries of the new partnership.

The firm is deploying the Saas platform within its subsidiary based in Namibia. The new tool will help the company to process a number of core customer onboarding and account management processes which largely depend on systems at the parent in South Africa.

Given that DigiBlue already has a number of clients in South Africa and U.K, the new tool will likely make its way to the mainstream really soon. DigiBlu has also become Thoughtonomy’s first African based partners.


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