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Five (Facts) Things They Won’t Tell You Before You Start Programming

If you’re about to start your journey as a programmer, you may have wondered what it is that they are not telling you. You really want to be sure that you can do this and even go on to become a successful programmer in the future.

Let’s help you clear up your mind so you can get started. Programmers will likely not tell you these things until you’ve joined the gang.

Five (Facts) Things They Won’t Tell You Before You Start Programming

Fact 1

Learning Without Passion for Programming Will Make You Fail

This may sound tough but you should not start programming because everyone around you is doing it. If you do, then you may be forced to stop halfway when the journey gets tough.

With no passion, there is no motivation to learn and search for new solutions. Passion can help get through difficult cases.

  • Ask yourself if you are excited when you talk about programming.
  • Do you seem to enjoy programming?

Learning without passion and enjoyment will make you lose interest quickly.

Fact 2

Programming  Is Really so Difficult and Frustrating

Ever heard that programming is really fun?

Well, that’s a farce and one of the lies they keep telling you until you join them.

No matter how good you get at programming, you will always find it difficult at a point. Programming is one of the most frustrating things you will ever do.

The normal experience of programming is to try to solve something, get frustrated, try harder, step back, have an epiphany and eventually get your program to work.

Each day gets different, your first trial of programming will be really different from your 10th trial, which will be really different from your 100th trial.

Fact 3

To Succeed You Have To Make The Internet Your Friend

You may not have been told that the internet is the best friend a programmer should have.

There’s almost certainly a solution out there online so,  always use the net. Every problem you have in the first year you learn to program is a problem 100 other people have had before you. And all the answers are recorded online.

The sooner you become effective at searching the net for programming help, the happier you’ll be. You can also join programming communities on social media sites like Facebook or Reddit.

Fact 4

There’s A Toolbox For Programmers

As a programmer, there’s a toolbox you must carry around whenever you program.

The tools are all the tricks of the trade. The first things you learn (variables, for loops, etc) are like the screwdrivers and hammers. You will use them every day of your programming career.

As you get more experienced, you start learning how to use more advanced tools, which are less generally useful but amazing at solving particular problems. Most fields of programming (game dev, web dev, databases) will also have their own set of domain problems & solutions.

Fact 5

There Is No ‘Best Programming Language’

Python, Java, Javascript, C+, C++, C etc. A programming myth says that there is no best programming language for you to learn first.

You can begin with these 10 popular programming languages and where you can use them

Zikel Designs

Some languages & tools are better at solving some problems than others. As you learn different languages, don’t try and port your old thinking to the new system. Instead, learn how to program idiomatically in the new language.

Recommended Book For Starters – Learn Any Programming Language In Two Hours

Final Words

Knowing these programming facts or things they will never tell you until you start programming is already a first step in the right direction. You can no join the train of programmers and trust that you already have what it takes to succeed.

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