Forex and CFDs Broker, FinexArena Review 1

Forex and CFDs Broker, FinexArena Review

Starting up with the aspiration of being an online trader, I have always positioned Forex at the core, however, the path to becoming a Forex trader then was quite rough, since the industry was still gathering momentum and online foreign exchange brokers weren’t newbie-friendly at that time.

Foreign exchange market, which is also known as Forex, is simply a global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC) market where investors, traders, exchanges, institutions, banks, etc, speculate and trade several currencies of the world.

Just like every other online commodity trading market available today; Forex is also a volatile market, although traders can easily catch lots of market moves. Even at that, however, the market is still considered as one of the most accessible online trading markets all over the world.

While it is true that you can start Forex with as little as 100USD, the market is flagged among the largest global financial markets in existence. Industry reports claim that trillions of US dollars are traded daily on the Forex market. Interestingly, retail clients only contribute nearly 5% of this total volume.

These and many other facts which will be shared later in this post are the reasons I placed foreign exchange trading as the forefront, though I am new to the Industry. The fact remains that, there are now improved and user-friendly services in the industry today, including online foreign exchange brokers, especially FinexArena that supports newbies and expert traders.

FinexArena is an innovative online foreign exchange broker that provides the global audience access to advanced institutional and retail trading conditions. It is among the few exchanges that issue competitive trading conditions and equally allow trading of CFDs on Commodities, Indices, and Shares.

These unique services and cutting-edge trading tools launched by several industry brokers could be seen as one of the driving factors for the foreign exchange market. Nothing attracts both Institutional and retail traders than a system that offers comprehensive services and updates over market movements.

Why Forex is Considered as The Best Trading Market

Far from the fact that Forex is the world’s most liquid market, and that it has grown over decades to emerge as a snapshot of economic activity and largely global trade, there are other critical features that have left the Industry trending over the past years.

It is worth noting that everyone including traders have their reasons for delving into the Forex market. With several traders in the industry today, few of these ranking reasons are considered as the factors which are promoting Forex as the best-trading markets. They are as follows:

1. Volatility

Forex and CFDs Broker, FinexArena Review 2

First things first, the volatility of the foreign exchange market is significant and it remains one of the core reasons behind the trend so far. This is because traders are usually on the look for volatile markets, as well as volatile instruments, thereby making Forex a one-stop-shop for them.

Traders do not even need to worry about such instruments as they are readily available in the industry through brokers, FinexArena. These Forex brokers provide both mobile and desktop WEB platforms that update traders on recent market movement.

In this way, traders can be able to make revenues online, since they will be notified on the best market conditions to get rid of a particular asset and when to acquire a new asset at a favorable price.

2. Accessibility

The accessibility of the foreign exchange market is another critical aspect to talk about, because it is a major factor that backs the Forex trend as the best global trading market. Not minding the volatility involved in the market, Forex is said to be more accessible to the public than any other trading market online.

Moreover, with the availability of retail Forex brokers like FinexArena which mostly operate online, anyone wishing to join the Industry can easily set up a trading account on the desktop, by themselves. You only need to register, fill out necessary requirements and deposit on the account to kick-off your Forex trading journey.

Another interesting thing with Forex is the fact that you can start foreign exchange trading with as little as 100 USD, which is a relatively low trading capital requirement when compared to other available financial markets.

In addition to the low capital requirement and online Forex brokers, the unparalleled trading experience offered by FinexArena to experts and inexperienced traders is a great approach in bringing down the market to the level that best suits them. Some other brokers offer free demo trading accounts to ease down the path to Forex trading as well.

3. Technology

In the same way, technological advancements help to make our daily activities much easier, the improvements and continuous launch of Forex trading platforms yearly also does the same for the Industry at large. Compared to other online trading software, improvements in forex trading software has an impact on the trend.

In addition to providing an advanced trading environment, FinexArena, and a few other online brokers deliver highly demanded markets need, such as fast execution, ensuring funds are deposited in segregated accounts securely, deep liquidity, automated withdrawals of trading profits and lot more, which are all aimed at granting traders a convenient trading experience.

A lot of trading platforms are also using third party software providers to provide several add-ons and plug-ins for traders.

4. Education Materials

This part is more beneficial to inexperienced and newbies in the Forex market. As earlier explained, the foreign exchange market is widely accessible to the public, not minding if you are a newbie. Many brokers today are supplying new users with several materials to enhance their trading knowledge.

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As new beginners continue to sign up for trading accounts on a daily basis, FinexArena provides users full access to exceptional educational resources through its dedicated unit, FinexArena Education Centre. It also equips them with advanced trading tools designed to enhance trading performance.


The foreign exchange market can be seen as a very lucrative Industry if you observe the right approach and instruments for trading, especially if you are inexperienced. It’s advisable to properly research the market and consult professional traders to guide you on Forex traditional.

Meanwhile, Forex brokers like FinexArena can as well level down the path through the provision of advanced trading services, tools, and support. Having the right tools and information about the market can help you avoid several risks in the industry, and help you earn just like every other person.

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