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10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance

BMW x3 maintenance

Earlier this year, the BMW X3 was ranked by Google as one among the most trending cars.

Unsurprisingly, being ranked by Google entails that the car is no exception of great features evolving from recent advancement in technology.

The BMW X3 is known mostly for its 355-horsepower-turbocharged under the hood to negotiate any traffic situation easily and also its ability to arc around corners as well as other amazing features.

However, it requires some effort to keep a BMW X3 in shape for uncompromised performance in the long-term. That is achievable, though, if you could get your hands on modern gadgets and car care accessories that improve your car’s interior, and most importantly gets it in shape.

Here are:

Ten amazing Gadgets and Accessories for BMW X3 maintenance
1. Beatit Smart Jumper D11

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 1

The Beatit Smart Jumper D11 is a lightweight and portable jump starter, which will revive a low or dead 12-volt battery quickly and safely.

This device is designed mainly for high displaced boats, cars, motorcycles, and more with Diesel engines up to 5.5L and Gas engines up to 7.5L. It also comes handy for your BMW X3 maintenance and sets you up for managing any breakdown caused by low battery life.

The device, although portable, offers 18,000mAh capacity to serve as a power bank, which will jump-start dead batteries 30 times on a single charge. Furthermore, the device includes a dual 2.1A USB out port, which will charge virtually every USB powered device.

Beatit Smart Jumper D11 is available for $69.99 on Amazon.

2. Stinger USB Emergency Tool

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 2

The Stinger Emergency Tool is a smartly designed emergency tool, which includes a seat belt cutter and a car window breaker to prevent entrapment in a vehicle during or after an accident.

Reviews about other emergency tools similar to the Stinger is that they are usually out of reach whenever the need arises. The reason for such inconvenience is that these devices are mostly stored in a pocket attached to a locked keychain in the car.

Meanwhile, the Stinger Emergency Tool takes the shape of a car charger, making it easier to access during critical situations and designed to serve all day function.

No one hopes to get into a crash, but the Stinger device could save your BMW X3 someday.

Stinger is available for $14.99 on Amazon.

3. FOBO Tire Plus

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 3

The FOBO Tire Plus is an advanced wireless TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitoring System ) built with the recent 4.0 Bluetooth, which can work on its own or simultaneously with your Android or iOS device.

Its battery can serve at the optimum of two years and can eventually be replaced. The device comprises of four wireless tire sensor and also a wireless in-car unit to give you alerts in case your smartphone isn’t available.

FOBO Tire Plus monitors about 600 KPa ( 87 psi) and works all time to ensure that your BMW x3 tires are properly inflated, even when you have turned off your car ignition.

4.USB Car Charger Dual Port

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 4

This USB Car Charger is regarded as the smallest yet considered also as the most optimized USB car charger for mobile phones and other USB powered devices.

Each port comprises 12watts to charge at once two smartphones or iPad at their full potential. So you could cruise in your X3 without worrying about your smartphones going off or getting damaged due to low circuitry charge.

The latest iPads and iPhones are designed to charge at 12watts thereby making the USB Car Charger an ideal charger for these devices. With the optimised charging circuitry support, the device is also suitable for Android users, and less powerful devices.

5. YI Mirror Dash Cam

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 5

Thinking safe driving with your BMW X3? Think YI Mirror Dash Cam.

The YI Mirror Dash Cam includes a front camera which employs a professional image sensor to aid wide range viewing angle and high video resolution for clear capturing of the traffic ahead.

With the highly defined rear camera, it can cover a wider rear view, to ensure your safety without distortion and back up the covered footage automatically in case of emergencies or serve as evidence if a dispute should arise on the road.

6. Escort Radar Detector

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 6

The Escort Radar Detector is designed to offer enhancement and refinement as well as to improve your X3 driving experience by rejecting false alerts from moving in-vehicle technology through the use of the inbuilt GPS; You only receive information that is important.

As road threats increase daily, this device is designed to help you stay clear from them and protect you wherever the road takes you.

This device is meant to notify you of the Laser Band, Vehicle Speed, Signal Strength and other information needed for you to make possible decision to guarantee your optimum safety.

The Escort Radar Detector is available for $299.95 on Amazon.

7. Armour Car Vacuum

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 7

The Armor Car Vacuum is a lightweight and super portable device which comes with a detachable storage box and a coiled cord to feature-in safely in your car in case of an unexpected mess.

It is considered the best vacuum that can handle a wet suction correctly, thereby making it an ideal for cleaning drink spills within the car.

Armour Car Vacuum is available for $39.93 on Amazon.

8. Palmoo Luxury 8 Pockets Car Backseat Organizer

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 8

The Palmoo Backseat Organizer is a customized design backseat organizer, which will keep your car clean and well organized to prevent your car seats from scratching.

I recommend the Palmoo Backseat organizer for more storage space in your car with deep pockets to prevent items such as phones, bottles, umbrella, and other gadgets from falling off while driving down a poor road.

This backseat case is available at $16.99 on Amazon in different colour design that will fit your car interior.

9. Philips Gopure Air Purifier

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 9

With a deep focus in home purification devices and automotive firms, Philips arrived with the Gopure Automobile Air Cleaning System to ensure superior air flow.

This device undergoes a three-stage filtering process, to mitigate or totally terminate harmful odors, bacteria, pet hairs, smoke, gases and other poisonous air particles from your car.

Philips Gopure Air Purifier is available for $217 on Amazon.

10. Cooluli Warmer & Cooler

10 Amazing Gadgets and Accessories For BMW X3 Maintenance 10

The Cooluli Warmer & Cooler is ideal for your BMW X3 car use in keeping foods or drinks at the desired temperature. It can hold up to six-ounce cans.

This device is incredibly designed to support AC, DC as well as USB power cords to convert its power from the regular ( 110v ) to car ( 12v ).

The most exciting feature of this device is that it works silently, and through the flipping of a switch, you can easily access the cooling and warming function.

This innovative device is available in five colours: blue, pink, white, cow pattern and fuchsia to give you a perfect match in your home, office or car.

Cooluli Warmer & Cooler is available for $44.99 on Amazon.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, maintaining your BMW X3 and keeping it in good shape for a long time requires some effort. However, with any of the gadgets listed above, you could cut the stress to a bare minimum and cruise safely in your X3.

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