10 Tips To Make Good Grades In Mathematics

Students Hate Mathematics

Good Grades In Mathematics

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get just an average grade on mathematics but at the end of the session find yourself completely lost ?
That is the travail of most school students but no thanks to mathematics.It can be a difficult subject because even if you find a way to arrive at the right answer,your grade will fall if your route to the answer is wrong.

However,there is a solution to your maths trouble. We’ve put together some tips that really works and can help get better at maths.

1.Grow Passion And Love For Mathematics

This is a preliminary step to achieving better grades in the subject.You can never be good in a subject you have little or no interest in.Your journey to improve will be a lot easier if you show real interest in the subject which in turn grows into passion. Love maths as much as you love your favorite subject

2.Attend Classes

Students who miss classes are less likely to perform well in that subject.Attend every maths lecture and pay close attention to the teacher even if it gets boring.


In cases where you missed a class,borrow notes from fellow students and make sure you go through everything.If possible,consult the teacher to re-run the class for you.Maths processes are step by step,hence you could easily get lost by missing a single class.

3.Develop Your Study Habits 

Spend time everyday or at least every class day to review your notes.You also increase the time you spend on studying the subject.
Make sure you do not easily forget after studying.Concentrate and study in quiet places.


4.Make Use Of Complete Materials When You Study 

Your material could be a textbook or your study note.If you wish to study with a textbook,you should get at least two or more textbooks that contains the maths lesson you are studying.

Some textbooks have more complex explanations while some are more simple and easy to understand.Compare the solutions to problems in the lesson from both textbooks and go with the easier one.
Then move on to the complex textbook to improve your knowledge when you have mastered the simple steps. Going through these materials before classes,increase your chances of understanding the lesson in class.

5.Practice Some Problems At Home

Yeah!.Learning does not end in the class.If you wish to be a smart maths student and make good grades,you must practice those problems at home or after classes.Here’s a great tip,a teacher’s test question is most likely to include those problems that they spend a lot of time to explain while teaching them in class.Therefore,note those problems and get mastery over them when you get home.

6.Have A Serious Study Partner Or Tutor 

This is usually recommended to be someone who has more maths knowledge than you actually do.Your partner will teach you what he knows while you also help him in some certain areas.A study partner will also encourage you whenever you feel lazy to continue.If you can’t make do with a partner then get a qualified tutor.

7.Ask Questions

This is an important aid to maths improvement.
Whenever you seem even slightly confused,ask questions and make sure you get it all clear. An African proverb suggests that a person who ask a lot of questions always finds his way.
Hence,do not hesitate!

8.Do Neat Works

Solving a maths problem on a sheet should be done neatly if you desire to make good grades.Write in lines.If there are five steps to the solution and you use two,you absolutely won’t get any points for your thought process.
The steps you write down tells the teacher what you are thinking and how your were attacking the problem.


9.Develop A Good Relationship With Your Maths Teacher

Every teacher loves smart students,who are not just after making good grades but also interested in learning what they don’t know.After practicing some problems at home,present it to your teacher to access and also relate to him any point that confused you. The teacher offers help and shows you a way to improve.

10.Build Confidence

Learn to tackle several maths problem without any assistance.This helps you build confidence in your ability to get the right solution.When writing class tests,take a closer look at the questions,tackle the ones you think are easier and move on to the tougher ones when you are done.This process ensure that you don’t miss out attending to the simpler questions just because you spent a lot of time dealing with the tougher ones.


In the journey to make good grades in Mathematics,you can only get better with more effort.If you can,implement all these steps at once or go gradually till you reach maths success.Just keep working!

Any tips we missed.Tell us in the comments box

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