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Google Set to Launch Africa’s First AI Centre in Ghana

Google to launch AI centre in Ghana

The high profile internet company is bringing artificial intelligence to Africa after announcing that plans are now in place to open its first AI center in Accra Ghana.

The center will be dedicated to discovering new AI trends and applications that will solve problems in different sectors of the African economy including – healthcare, education, and agriculture over the coming years.

Excitingly, the tech giant has aimed to trained over 10 million tech profession in the new facility that will be opened later this year.

A Google statement announcing the new development read,

“We’ve seen people across Africa do amazing things with the internet and technology for themselves, their communities and the world. Over the past 10 years in which Google has had offices in Africa, we’ve been excited to be a part of that transformation,”

“We’re announcing Google AI research center in Africa, which will open later this year in Accra, Ghana. We’ll bring together top machine learning researchers and engineers in this new center dedicated to AI research and its applications”

To kick-start its new project, Google will look to collaborate with local Ghanaian universities, research centers, and policymakers with the goal of discovering new landscapes were Artificial intelligence can play a big role in Africa.

Google already has AI research centers in famous cities such as Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco and New York with the addition of Ghana particularly exciting CEO Sunday Pichai

He tweeted shortly after the announcement.

“We’re excited that we’ll be opening a new @GoogleAI center in Accra, Ghana – really looking forward to our research teams solving challenges with AI for Africa and beyond”

Following the launch of the new Google AI research center in Ghana, interested African tech professionals can apply as a Research Scientist or a Research Software Engineer through the Google website.

No doubt these are good times for Africa and its next generation of tech professionals.

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