How Blogging Will Shape Learning In Nigerian Classrooms 1

How Blogging Will Shape Learning In Nigerian Classrooms

Blogging shapes learning in Nigerian Classrooms

When will blogging become a feature of classroom learning in Nigeria?

Technology has reformed the way information is dispensed but only very few of these reformed ways have been incorporated into the educational system in Nigeria.

Sports, news, entertainment, and lifestyle blogs are trends in Nigeria but blogs can be used to even greater good in the educational sector.

Albeit, the integration of ICT in some external examination for students, such as JAMB CBT, Nigeria has never been a great example when it comes to embracing 21st-century educational technology aids.

This post discusses

  • How blogging as a new teaching method can be integrated into classroom learning in Nigeria
  • How blogging can improve the learning experience in Nigerian classrooms.


What Is A Blog?

A blog is the modern version of websites created in 1994 as weblogs.
A blog is a website created by an individual or organization, primarily for the purpose of giving out information about anything they believe would appeal to an audience.

Contributing to a blog is called blogging.

Blogs that can be used in a school or classroom setting is the simplest form of e-learning that can be implemented in Nigeria.

1.School blog – a blog managed by a school admin and provides the latest update on school activities. Check out Opal School Blog

2.Teachers blog – Managed by a teacher and can be used for a variety of purposes such as teaching, organizing polls and announcing test results.

3.Student’s personal blog – managed by each student and provides a platform for each student, including the shy ones, to share their thoughts

4.Classroom blog – A blog managed by individual students in a class and are usually set up for specific school projects. This encourages community building.

So here’s

How Blogging Can Be Integrated Into Classroom Learning In Nigeria


1.Teachers Can Teach On Their Blog

Since a lot of students are now generally inclined to learn on a screen than on a chalkboard, a well-tailored blog post can serve as a teaching avenue for teachers.

Videos are also supported on blogs, therefore, teachers can always prepare or use already existing video aids to help students learn faster.

Students will be notified of a new lesson once they are subscribed to the teacher’s blog and can now learn at their own pace.

2.Students Can Submit School Projects On a Personal or Classroom Blog

School assignments and projects can be directly submitted to a student’s personal blog or a classroom blog which the teacher can access at any time.

The teacher after handing out an assignment should give the students a deadline to complete and publish their projects.

3.Sharing Important Updates

A classroom or school blog is a great and convenient way to disseminate important updates such as an upcoming holiday, a sick teacher or student, an examination timetable, school curriculum, new time arrangement for extra classes, and lots more.

Students and teachers will be just a click away from getting these updates.

4.Getting Feedback From Parents

Blogs support the use of comment boxes, parents, therefore, can easily and conveniently share their thoughts on any new developments in the school or their child.

They can get even further involved in their child’s learning by being featured periodically on an interview segment of the school blog.

Blogs can easily fill in all these needs and if you need assistance on setting up a personal, school, classroom or teachers blog, contact us here

How Blogging Can Improve The Learning Experience In Nigerian Classrooms


1.Exposure To Technology

It’s fair to say that classroom technology is underused in Nigeria, therefore embarking on the exciting journey of building a blog can practically bring to life theoretical classes and provide an advanced hands-on approach to learning how to use technology.

Students and teachers who get involved in the building process are now automatically internet savvy and become propagators of e-learning in any part of Nigeria.

2.Convenient Learning

Students can learn at their own pace and from any location as long as they have internet access.
No need to trek or get on a school bus when you have every lesson deliciously served on the classroom blog.

Classroom blogs also provide a convenient platform for the shy students to express themselves as they must from time to time contribute to the blog and interact with contents produced by fellow students.

3.No Dull Moment

Since everything is done a PC or mobile screen which students are now inclined to, learning becomes a fun-filled experience.

Since visual aids are usually more appealing, students are less likely to doze off on their screen than in a physical classroom.

Zikel Designs

4.Community Building

Getting students to work on projects from time to time can help them learn the principles of teamwork and leadership. This can eventually help them to build a great study team.

Each student contributes his own quota to ensure that they can eventually complete the work. The team receives either the accolades or criticisms at the end of the day.

5. Honing Great Writers

Blogging is a great way to discover students or teachers who have got really great writing skills.

Such ones can be groomed into professional writers and can eventually go on to become professional bloggers, authors, and freelancers.

Rounding Up On How Blogging Will Shape Learning In Nigerian Classrooms

Integrating blogs with the learning process in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will only make learning more engaging and exciting and represents a simple way to equip students with digital skills.

Join the global shift to digital, start a classroom, personal or school blog today.

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