E-Book – How To Write and Publish Your Book As A Teenager

how to write and publish your book as a young person

Inspired by my story of failing to become a published author at a younger age, this is a solution to help all teenagers achieve their goal of publishing a book by embracing the new e-book technology.

Short Story

I finished my first storybook at the age of eight and did a couple more of them before I turned ten. I was falsely promised that my book would be published, but it never happened. In fact, they never left our house. 

I stopped writing before I turned a teenager and agonizingly gave up my dream of having my book published at that age.

Wilfred Michael's Book

This E-book – How To Write and Publish Your Book As A Teenager is a


to help any young person or teenager start and complete their book writing project and also be able to publish them with the aid of almost free technology.

How to write and publish your book as teenager + Bonus

How To Write and Publish Your Book As A Teenager

Now, you have a chance to join our revolutionary project of massively increasing the number of teenage writers in  Nigeria. 

Every Teenager has a book in them.

It is a  ‘bye’ to spending excessive hours in front of the television or with a mobile phone.Set a teenager on their way to more productivity and writing success with this awesome book.

How To Write and Publish Your Book As A Teenager -Review

To whet the appetite of young people and stimulate the desire to start a writing project, the first chapter of this book provides a list of young authors around the world who wrote many books as teenagers.

Teenagers also get to know the challenges associated with writing a book as a young person and most importantly how to successfully combat them.

The next sections guide the young person from generating a book idea until publishing the full book

A bonus package is an easy-to-use online platform in Nigeria where they can make their first book sales.


This book – How To Write and Publish Your Book as a Teenager–  is only available in electronic format priced at ₦1000 and you can get a copy by

  • Sending an email ‘requesting a copy’ to innovativefutureblog@gmail.com
  • Ordering via phone call or WhatsApp +2349099959359
  • Ordering Via Messaging on our Facebook page 

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