How Will AI Affect Classroom Learning 1

How Will AI Affect Classroom Learning

As developments in AI become profound much of it has been introduced into the educational sector to improve classroom learning. However, this has prompted many to ask questions such as these; what are the ways AI will affect classroom learning? Are there examples of real life usage of AI in the classroom? Will AI replace teachers?

This article will touch everyone of those questions.

What Are The Ways AI Will Affect Classroom Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect classroom learning in at least 4 ways

Smart Content


AI in classrooms

Artificial intelligence and education go hand in hand and  new artificial intelligence techniques have been introduced to ensure that all students attain their ultimate academic success. Smart content include virtual content like video conferencing, video lectures.

Textbooks are taking a new turn. Artificial intelligence  systems are using traditional syllabuses to create customized textbooks for certain subjects. As a result, textbooks are being digitized, and new learning interfaces are being created to help students of all academic grades and ages.

An example of such mechanisms is the AI to make textbook contents more comprehensible and it is easy to navigate with summaries of the chapters, flashcards, and practical tests. The other useful AI interface is the Netex Learning which enables professors to create electronic curriculums and educative information across a myriad of devices. Netex includes online assistance programs, audios, and illustrative videos.

Global Classroom Learning

Education has no limits, and Artificial intelligence can help to eliminate boundaries. Technology brings drastic transitions by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. AI-powered education equips students with fundamental IT skills.

With more inventions, there will be a wider range of courses available online and with the help of AI, students will be learning from wherever they are.
Currently present Artificial intelligence systems at hand offer language translating/subtitle creation plug-in that makes it easy to read and understand from different regions, to learn without walls and boundaries.


With Artificial intelligence, students can have their tutors with them 100% of the time, which is not possible with regular ones. Learners can get extra teaching time and those who require more time to understand a topic can achieve it. For instance, some students obviously require more teaching time than others, with the tech at hand the possibility stares them right in the face.

AI will also eliminate the trial and error method in tutoring which can be frustrating and time wasting too. With intelligent computers in place, time-consuming problems can be solved instantly without following the line of trial and error.

Virtual Reality Learning

Virtual reality or VR makes learning fun, as students learn about things, places, objects and so on from the comfort of their classrooms without spending money or time traveling. VR videos take you places to see things initially taught theoretically.

Are There Examples of Real Life usage of AI In The Classroom?

Yes there are, lets examine just a few

AI in Education


Brainly is a social media site where students collaborate while answering and asking classroom questions which makes the classroom like a community for a personalized teaching experience.


Milka is an app from Carnegie Learning that enables higher education students get tutoring and real-time feedback in their course of study. It also offers student needing personalized or one-on-one attention an opportunity to do so.

Thinkster Math

Thinkster Math represents a math tutoring app combining perfectly real math curriculum and one-on-one teaching style. The app takes students on a step-by-step process of solving math problems. The app helps develop math skills by providing video help to aid students’ learning while giving prompt responses.

Netex Learning

Netex Learning offers help to the tutors to incorporate interactive audio, video, and self-assessments to their digital plan to help students learn well. With the technology, teachers with zero tech skills can design their curriculum across different digital platforms and devices within a personalized learning cloud platform.

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Will AI Replace Teachers?

Far from it. In fact AI can not only help teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, but it can also provide feedback to both about the success of the course as a whole. Some are working to develop systems that can help students to choose majors based on areas where they succeed and struggle.

Zikel Designs

Here are just a few reasons why AI cannot replace teachers,

  • AI does not teach social skills and human connections, hence it cannot replace human teachers.
  • The tech requires internet connectivity always which comes with a cost and could be a problem in countries with no/slow connectivity.
  • Currently AI comes with a huge cost implication, however, as the technology spreads the price would be forced down.
  • Intelligent machines could suffer error peculiar to computer systems, e.g. crashing, upgrade issues and virus attacks.

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Rounding Up

As developments in AI increases it will always continue to improve the way students learn in classrooms. Therefore, AI will always affect classroom learning and this educational innovation has never ceased to amaze many.

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