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HTC’s Blockchain Phone Now Open To Non-Cryptocurrency Sale

HTC's Blockchain Phone Now Open To Non-Cryptocurrency Sale 1

Taiwanese tech firm, HTC, has finally made their blockchain-based Exodus 1 smartphone widely available to consumers.

At the time when Exodus 1 was introduced in October 2018, it was only made available for purchase with cryptocurrencies; Ethereum or Bitcoin (At this time, the smartphone cost 4.7ETH or 0.15BTC  roughly about $960 lately ).

HTC guessed that the restriction to crypto payments might perhaps be the reason for the low orders placed for the device. Therefore, the company expanded to include non-cryptocurrencies as a purchase option for the blockchain device alongside with Litecoin (LTC) and Binance coin(BNB).

The new development was disclosed at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona and is expected to boost sales across the nation, as consumers need not convert currencies to cryptos before completing the transaction.

Recovering Private Keys Now Possible with HTC Exodus

In a press report, HTC Decentralized chief officer Phil Chen said,

“The Exodus is all about getting the right structure for the internet and the future of data, one that comprises of privacy, security,and exchange of data ownership back to the generator”.

HTC is said to embrace blockchain to enable them allure security conscious users by providing safe mobile transaction and good data protection.

In this regard, HTC will be opening a new API to “specific partners”, such as the Opera Mobile Browser which recently launched a cryptocurrency wallet based browser to enhance the security measures offered by the blockchain based phone.

Additionally, the HTC Exodus 1 is powered by the Zion Key Management API to enable Opera consumers to make direct payments to content-focused websites through the use of their private key stored on the device.

For this reason, if peradventure a user loses his/her private key, through the newly initiated Social Recovery System by HTC, such user can retrieve the key.

In a closing remark, Charles Hamel, Head of Cryptocurrency at opera browsers, he stated,

“We are at the tip of the new web, where new decentralized web services will compete with the existing status quo. HTC and OPERA have taken up this bold decision to effect this to reality”.

Do you think decentralized browsers supporting cryptocurrencies will be an integral part of the future?

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