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The damage resulting from a shortage of healthcare workers around the African continent and beyond will be reduced to some extent after tech startup, Ada Health GmbH received funding from Gates Foundation and Swiss-based Foundation Botnar.

With the latest round of support, Ada’s app will be made available in African language Swahili which has five million native speakers. Countries, where the language is popularly spoken, include Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda which are regions victimized by poor healthcare service delivery.

The free medical app (Ada App) allows a user to perform quick health care checkup without visiting a medical facility. With artificial intelligence, the app offers health advice to the user and also put them in touch with nearby healthcare service centers.

Stefan Germann, CEO, Foundation Botnar said in the release,

“Our partnership with Ada will focus on addressing this issue in East Africa and Romania by using AI to help adolescents and families access high-quality health guidance for their physical and mental health.

The project will also provide valuable insights to Foundation Botnar and Ada as we look to expand this innovative approach to other low- and middle-income countries.”

About 2 million people in East Africa and Romania are expected to get access to self-check up following the latest partnerships.

Ada App Expansion To Africa and Romania Could Prevent Deadly Epidemics

While the funding received from Gates Foundation will primarily be used by Ada Health to recruit workers, the startup has also said that it will customize the software for certain countries where deadly epidemics often break out.

Ada says it will analyze millions of self-assessment cases from Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and India to identify the diagnostic tests that, when combined with rigorous and accurate AI, could improve healthcare outcomes.

Armed with this information, health workers will find it easier to identify diseases a lot faster and also administer accurate treatment.

Ada is already available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Adding Swahili and Romanian languages will definitely increase the number of downloads from the current stats of 5 million people from more than 130 countries.

You can download Ada App for Android and IOS here.

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