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Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners

Digital Stethoscope

A few years back, many itinerant medical practitioners were left with no option, than to carry about multiple medical items for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of a patient within and outside the clinic.

But now, through advancement in technology, physicians can diagnose and treat patients from their home. They now have more varieties of handy medical tools to take with them out of the clinic, without compromising on results.

In this article, we reveal some highly recommended innovative gadgets for clinics. While you may already have some of them, you could make your job a lot easier by adding the missing ones to your toolbox.

7 Innovative Tech Gadgets For Health Clinics

1. Digital Stethoscope


Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 1

This is a rechargeable device that allows you to do a lot of things with, e.g., easy sending of audio data, elimination of ambient noise, track patients and so on.

Though the ordinary stethoscope works just fine, you might still go for an upgrade at $240 on Amazon.

2.Sanitizing Wand

Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 2

Sanitizing wands are regarded as an alternative to liquid disinfectant on fabric and other materials as it blasts up surfaces with UV rays to kill up to 99.9%  of bacteria.

It is an excellent tool for keeping your health clinic free from bacteria and goes for $38 on Amazon.

3.Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse health clinic

This is a device made to mitigate muscle pains by increasing the flow of blood in the areas where movement is restricted.

Latest Oska pulse devices come with an app that allows you to remotely control the device over Bluetooth, and collaborate with the gadget to track your pain relief progress.

It is recommended for both home and clinic use and goes for $300 on Amazon.

4.UV sense

Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 3

UV sense is a battery-free device used to measure Ultraviolet exposures.

This tiny device can be worn on the fingernail or sunglasses and through an app, will give the wearer warnings about sun exposure.

5. Pocket-size Ultrasound Imaging Device

Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 4

Formally, Ultrasound systems where known to take up much space but thanks to technology, it now comes in handy to fit in your pocket.

For example, the different series of Vscan devices from GE Healthcare.

These devices come in many portable sizes like that of a smartphone and make echoscopy a reality for itinerant physicians.

6.Portable EKG Device

Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 5

Traveling doctors need this device for consultation while patients with cardiovascular health issues need it to monitor their system

All the patient has to do is to place his finger on the mobile app, if the Kardia app is available on his/her smartphone, the result will be released within 30 seconds.

7. Glucose meter

Seven Innovative Gadgets for Health Clinic Practitioners 6

This provides an option for your smartphone to serve as a meter and is really helpful for diabetes patients or anyone who wants to stay in charge of their sugar health.

Glucose meters are usually by an app and a tiny device that needs to be connected to your phone. Without a doubt, this device more portable than the ones in the hospital and offer the same results.

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