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Innovative African start-ups with meaningful new technologies ready for a global debut are invited to submitted applications for DEMO Africa 2018.

Undoubtedly, DEMO Africa has become the launch-pad for emerging technology and trends over the last decade, exploiting its quality deal flow and network with influential people around the world.

The ultimate goal is to provide African start-ups with a rare opportunity to connect with tech enthusiasts around the world who are likely to change the face of technology in the years to come.

Picadoo (South Africa), Pepperrest (Nigeria), Chimera IoT (Kenya), KudiGo (Ghana), Dadala (Zimbabwe), A-Trader (Tanzania), Temateq (Cameroon), JokkoText (Senegal), SOS Sante (Morocco) and Sellio (Uganda) and 20 other Innovative African start-ups were  beneficiaries from Demo Africa 2017.

Eligibility For Demo Africa 2018

1.A fully registered company

2.Talented team with a workable and demonstrable product

3.Viable and scalable business model

4.Ability to deliver product to the market

30 start-up teams will be selected as finalists for the 2018 Demo Africa billed for the North African country, Morocco.

Date – October 18-19 2018

2018 DEMO Application Deadline

June 15, 2018

Value of Award To Finalists

1.A startup boot camp designed to get finalists pitch ready and allow their founding teams to dive deeper into learnings and extended knowledge resources.

2.Introduction to an audience of investors, corporate acquirers, global media partners and strategic partners.

3.Virtual program (main event) where start-up founding team will go through a virtual program to further review and refine their business models, query their product market fit and go to market strategies, and understand their competitive positioning.

4.US$150k worth of software and tools for each selected startup.

5. The top 5 start-ups from DEMO Africa will be sponsored to Silicon Valley for an all-expense paid trip to be part of Lions@frica Innovation Tour where they will receive further exposure to a global innovation ecosystem, and get a chance to interact with leading Silicon Valley stakeholders.

Interested African Innovative Tech Start-ups can apply here

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  1. I have seen first hand, how networking
    events like this can help young aspiring entrepreneurs
    to take the big leap. The fact is that none of us can do it all alone.

    Looking forward to this year’s event.

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