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While a lot of reforms have been made to optimize what can be done by users over the internet, the Email Service, one of the earliest additions to the internet space has maintained its basic concept.

E-mail or electronic mail is a message sent from one internet user to another using a unique address (email address).

Email Service is the term used to describe online platforms that allow users to send and receive emails at their convenience.

Popular online email service platforms include Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Hot Mail, AOL Mail etc.

Basic Components Of An Email Service

When you sign up for an email service, you are basically offered three components.

A unique email address, storage space for storing emails and access to your email at any time from an internet storage device.

A unique email address is usually a combination of your selected username + an extension determined by the email service provider. Eg

(innovativefutureblog = Username = Email service extension)

A storage space is just the same as a box where your emails are stored by the email service provider on their servers.

This time, you don’t get to see it is only available in the clouds and only gets filled up when you have too many emails.

Popular email service provider, Gmail offers free15gb storage space to users.

Users can access their emails across all internet-connected devices, simply by entering their assigned username and password on the email service provider’s login page.

How a Basic Email Service Works

On signing up, users are to choose a unique email address that can be used to send and receive emails.

To send an email, a user has to sign in on the email service platform and compose an email using a provided text editor.

While features may vary across different platforms, there are three constant features in an email text editor or composer.

1.Subject – Title of the email
2. Receiver’s email address
3.CC- multiple receiver’s email address used for emails intended for broadcast to more than one email address

(Email Text Editor on Gmail)

Gmail compose dashbu

With the exception of writing texts in the email composer, many platforms allow users to also attach or download multimedia files (images, audio, video, e-books).

However, a limit is placed on the size of an attached file. For Gmail, a user is only allowed to attach files not more 25mb.

Immediately an email is confirmed as ‘sent’, it takes only a few seconds before it arrives at the inbox of the intended receiver.

Upon reception, the user can either archive the email (mark as important) or forward to another email user.

Rounding Up

The best email service providers offer an easy to use interface and easy access from internet mobile devices.

A good email service provider still represents one of the fast and convenient means of communication for many individuals and corporate organizations.

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