In a bid to promote internet safety awareness and promote responsible use of digital devices, Google Kenya is hosting the first Web Rangers Summit in Africa.

The event was confirmed by Google via a tweet and 26 Web Rangers from Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria will attend the event. The goal is to share ideas on how to make the internet a safer place for young internet users in different countries.

Major highlights of the Google Web Ranger Summit include a boot camp on how to make campaign videos for online audiences topics such as diversity and inclusion, trust, tolerance, and responsibility.

Participants also learn how to tackle real-life policy issues – focusing on cyberbullying, sexting, sharing personal information online and catfishing.

Following the launch of the event which was subsequently held on September 6-7, Ms. Fatuma Hirsi, the Principal Secretary Broadcasting and Telecommunication, said,

“Programmes such as Web Rangers are a very welcome complement to the work that parents, teachers, guardians, and governments do in building a better world for our children.”

She also thanked Google for conceptualizing the programme and for choosing Kenya as the host country for the event.

Google Web Rangers in Kenya Highlights

At the Google Web Rangers Summit in Kenya, the Rangers spent the morning working on the Web Rangers Charter. The latter part of the day was spent at the Kenyan Parliament on a guided tour.

Speaking at the summit, Secretary-General of the Jubilee Party and Cabinet Secretary in Kenya highlighted the importance of such programmes. He said,

“There’s only so much that Government can do to make the Internet a safer place. Programmes such as Google Web Rangers that educate us on making ourselves our first line of defense are vital to building a safer Internet together”

Web Rangers is a Google-led digital literacy programme aimed at promoting and educating the youth about how the internet is an empowering tool relevant to their lives and their future.

Summit attendees are become online safety ambassadors and are expected to run campaigns amongst their peers, schools, and communities to raise awareness of online safety.

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