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Microsoft 365 Education Finally Launched In Nigeria

Microsoft 365 Education Finally in Nigeria

Microsoft has finally announced the launch of Microsoft 365 Education in Nigeria – a single, affordable technology solution built for education.

This revelation was made on Tuesday in Abuja at the Microsoft ‘Windows in the Classroom’ event, in partnership with Sidmach, an ICT firm based in Nigeria.

The operating system solution brings together Office 365, Windows 10, Intune for Education, Minecraft: Education Edition and Enterprise Mobility + Security, all in a single cloud-based package now available in Nigeria.

Ms Jordan Belmonte, Education Programme Manager, Microsoft Nigeria, said that Microsoft provided easy and skillful modes of modern teaching.

Speaking on the goal of Microsoft 365 Education, Ms Belmonte said

“With mounting pressure on educational institutions to continually improve students’ achievement and prepare them with skills they will need when they enter the workforce, the aim of Microsoft 365 Education is to get schools up and running faster through simplified acquisition and deployment.

“This eliminates wasted time and delivers new capabilities to teachers and students to help them learn and work in new ways.

The features are also well suited to learning in Nigerian classrooms 

“Microsoft 365 is able to connect all the teachers in the world. Some of the features embedded like One Note, aids multiple language learning and has features suitable for special needs of children.

“With Skype, for instance, teachers can also connect their classrooms to other classrooms around the world, making for an immersive and interactive learning,’’ she said.

Speaking at the event ,Mr Mark East, Microsoft Regional Leader for Education in Europe, Middle East and Africa, mentioned that modern schools want simple to purchase, easy to manage, secure and efficient systems.

Therefore , Microsoft 365 Education was designed to fill the need.

He said.

“Millions of teachers and students are already using Office 365 for Education to communicate and collaborate with each other every day.

“With Microsoft 365 Education, we are providing a complete solution for schools in a single purchase that is a less expensive option than purchasing the same products individually.

“It is also part of our drive to simplify and modernise our licensing programmes ,” she said.

Mrs Jaye Richards-Hills, Business Development Manager, Education, Microsoft, speaking at the same event, said that gone were the days when the classroom teacher was an all-knowing instructor

Now, the pupils had access to knowledge through technology.

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She made it clear, there was a shift from the traditional teacher-led mode of learning to a more collaborative mode.

According to her, Microsoft developers look at what the teachers wanted and build them to pedagogical tools.

“The desire to prepare students for the future is what is propelling Microsoft to build technology that’s easy to use and empowering for both teachers and students,’’ she said.

Microsoft 365 Education makes it possible to unlock creativity in each student with immersive and engaging apps like Minecraft: Education Edition.

It enhances independence and efficiency for students of all abilities using intelligent tools built into office apps.’

Microsoft 365 education is also excellent for classroom use because it represents what young people will be using when they join the work force in a couple of years , therefore granting them access to it right now makes the process of integration faster.

Teachers drawn from selected secondary schools participated in the event which was held in Abuja.

What are your thoughts on this new technology?
Can it really be integrated into Nigerian Classrooms?

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