This is definitely not the first time you are coming into contact with the term ‘blog’

Even if it is, we have taken time to make this article on why students should start a blog, easy to read through and grasp.

So What Really Is A Blog?

A blog is a website where the author shares his or her thoughts on a topic(s) or issue of interest.

You can also think of it as your own magazine on the internet or your writing space on the world wide web.

A blog is usually required to be updated with a new article or post at least once every week.

Next, why do we recommend that students, Africa’s next generation, start a blog?

In simple words – there are numerous benefits attached.

If you do not have a blog already, then you will seriously ponder starting up one at the end of this post.

Are you ready?

Let’s roll!

9 Awesome Reasons Why Students Should Start A Blog – Fast

1. Increased Productivity

Ask anyone who runs a blog and they will tell you how it sets them on the path to getting more meaningful work done.

Instead of whirling time away on video games or social media, blogging lets you spend more time on sourcing for new article ideas that you will compile for your readers.

Blogging simply has a way of teaching you how best to manage your time. You will have more productive work on the top of your schedule with little time to spend on things that add less value to you.

2. Honing Your Writing Skills

If your goal is to become a world-class writer or at least publish your book as a teenager, then blogging is a great place to start.

Here is why we said so.

There are very few opportunities that allow you to share your literary work with a broad audience and blogging is top of this list. With a blog, you’ll experience first hand the excitement that comes with writing for a large audience and putting out an article that resonates with your audience.

Since a lot of work goes into writing the perfect blog post, your writing skills will definitely be sharpened.

If you wish to pursue a career as a reporter in the future, then you can start up right away by writing and reporting local events in your own words and publishing them on your blog.

You’ll get to try out different writing styles (creative, expository, argumentative ) and also learn how to proofread and edit written content.
All these will help you write better, especially with your faithful audience in mind.

You do not want to dish out junks to scare them away.

If you have a passion or flair for writing, then don’t hesitate to start a blog when you’re done reading this post.

3. Increased Knowledge from Research

In a previous post, we listed some free websites that can be used for online research, but starting a blog means you will have to explore them and even more.

To put up a great article for your audience, you will need to spend time researching topics to write on.

For each topic then, it is often a routine to do more than tell your readers what they already know. You have to dig deep to get information.

If for instance, you run a science blog, a section of it could be dedicated to sharing information about current influential scientists and what project they are working on.

What is the result then?

The opportunities of getting a new knowledge are almost limitless. You will end up knowing more than your friends who have no blog or audience to do research for.

4. Writing A Book

Which set of people will find it easier to drive?

Someone who has sat in the driver’s seat and held a steering or someone who only knows a car from the way it looks.

No mincing of words. You guessed right.

So what’s the real point?

It ’s easy to start and complete a book project if you spend time preparing for it by starting a blog and writing posts for it.

Then, it is even easier to compile your blog posts into a book than starting all over with new ideas.

 Recommended E-bookHow to write and Publish your book as a teenager. Get it Now

5. Opportunities for Collaboration

As a part of the blogosphere, it’s a lot easier to team up with fellow bloggers to work on other online or offline projects.

A famous writer Les Giblin said,

To convince people to buy your idea, you have to show them that you’re making it happen in your own small way.

Owning a blog means your readers will consider you an expert in that particular niche you are writing on and this can win you the ticket to speak at local events such as inter-school competitions and student conferences.

This will only heighten your experience and bring you to the spotlight, meaning that you have opportunities to work on even bigger projects.

6. Instigating Revolutions and New Inventions

Spending so much time blogging about a particular topic is a simpler way to know what work and what doesn’t in that particular field.

To invent is to bring into existence what has not been.

A wide knowledge gained from researching and writing blog posts on a specific field such as photography, literature, health, computing etc allows you to think deeply about what needs to be done in order to improve the industry.

Bringing about such changes means you’ve made an impact that you will forever be remembered and we think that would be a worthwhile endeavor.

7. Acquisition Of Internet Skills

Embarking on the blogging journey is a fine way for a student to become internet savvy.

For one thing, blogging is not done away from the internet, so you will get used to flipping through different pages either to get information for your articles or to type your post and send to your blog.

Terms such as a template, themes, Pages, URL, sign-up, Plug-ins, affiliates, gadgets, HTML, CSS, formatting, copyright, E-mail, SEO, Google ranks, Image properties and customization are unique to bloggers and key cogs on the internet.

A student blogger would easily know his way around the internet than someone who uses the internet seldom.

8. Résumé Boost

If you are going to apply for a job in the future, especially a writing job, then adding that you write for a blog would likely be a distinction between you and other applicants.

Your new employers could visit your blog and if you have done a good job there, they will believe you can replicate that effort.

Moreover, in this tech-driven era, employers would prefer to hire a tech-savvy individual and starting to blog as a student is certain to make you one.

9. Money Making Opportunities

The fact that we have individuals who make a living from blogging is an evidence that you can do the same even while blogging part-time as a student.

This would take remarkable effort, though, so we recommend that you start your blog with a firm focus on the aforementioned benefits.

Here are opportunities to monetize your blog as a student

• Offering ad spaces
• Accepting sponsored posts
• Affiliate marketing,
• Selling digital products such as e-book via your blog
Adsense (Google’s publisher advert program)

Making money through these sources would require that you have a lot of visitors to your blog, so we’d like to reiterate that you consider this as a bonus to your blogging efforts.

A fruitful full-time blogging career will be easier when you’ve mastered the basics by starting your blog at a young age.


Rounding Up

You definitely do not want to miss out on these awesome rewards, so we recommend that you start a blog right away.

Wondering where to start?

See our next post Six Things To Consider Before Starting Your Blog as a Student

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