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Science: 20 Apparati Used For Chemistry Practicals (With Pictures)

Test Tube,Burette and other laboratory equipments

For every science student, knowledge of chemistry is inevitable.
In fact, it is one of the core themes of pure science.

Chemistry is a branch of pure science which deals with the study of nature,composition and properties of matter as well as change matter will undergo under any condition.

Chemistry without practicals in the laboratory is never complete and this post introduces you to

20 basic apparatus used for laboratory practice


Used to stir, mix and heat liquids during practicals. 

    2.Test tube 

    Used for holding reactants 

      3.Test tube Rack

      Used for keeping the test tubes. 


        It is used during filtration to draw base with the mouth. 


           Glass tube with graduation marks and tap at one end, used to pour acid during titration. 

          6.Mortar and Pestle

           For grinding coarse solids into fine powder.

            7.Weighing bottle:

            For measuring the mass of small quantity of solid.


              Used in storing and drying a solid. 

                9.Petri Dish 

                A circular shallow dish with a flat bottom, used in keep solid for drying. 

                  10.Measuring Cylinder 

                   Used to measure the volume of a liquid. 

                    11.Conical flask 

                    Used in holding reactants during titrations and re-crystallization

                      12.Round bottom flask

                      A flask with spherical bottom used during distillation as well as heating of liquid because it is made of heat resistant glass. 


                        Used in measuring the temperature of a liquid. 


                          For transferring a solid into the test tube. 

                            15.Bunsen burner 

                            Used in providing high temperature by the combustion of liquefied gas. 

                              16.Lab Brush 

                              For cleaning the interior part of the test tube, beakers. 

                                17.Evaporating Dish 

                                Used in heating up liquids until they evaporate, leaving a solid residue. 

                                  A labelled Evaporating dish

                                  18.Tripod Stand 

                                  Supports evaporating dish or flask when heating is required. 

                                    Tripod Stand Used For Practicals

                                    19.Wire Gauze 

                                    Usually placed on the tripod stand to support evaporating dish during heating. 

                                      A Labelled Wire Gauze LAboratory Equipment

                                      20.Test Tube Holder 

                                      Used in holding the test tube during heating. 

                                      Laboratory Test Tube Holder

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