SIx (6) Critical Damages Pornography Does

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Porn movies,music,magazine and websites has spread most rapidly in the 21st Century.With it’s rapid spread, is a venom which is wiping away the sense of morality in its viewers.

Pornography is a depiction of sexual content which generally arouses the sex organs and lead to masturbation.

Today,pornographic content is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.A research confirmed that a huge 70% of youths between the ages of 11-16 has come across online pornographic content before the age of 14 no thanks to the Internet.

The porn industry has made millions of dollars over the years and ended up damaging the lives of young ones as well as relationships.

This Is Just How Dangerous Viewing Pornography Is

  • Pornographic content leave a strong and lasting message on the mind of viewers.The images are not easily forgotten and could return to hunt you when you face the temptation to engage in premarital sex.That would mean giving something else the power to control your actions.
  • One can easily get addicted to viewing pornography which could in turn lead to sexual addiction.In this case  the individual will always seek new sexual content to the extent of desensitization (even the most graphic porn is no longer arousing).
  • Sexually Acting Out: Sexual arousal is adrenaline and at this point,the individual takes a giant leap and tries rehearsing the actions stored in their minds.Sexual obsession results most notably in young minds as they get into sexual activity with bad notions.
  • Wrong View Of The Opposite Sex:Porn portrays members of the opposite sex as a sex object disrupting the mutual respect which should exist between opposite sex members.
  • Damaging Relationships and Marriages: Pornography has been attributed with 8% of marital problems.A partner will experience feelings of inadequacy when the mate has a porn habit.
  • Decline In Morality:The dangers of pornography clearly outweighs any of its distorted benefits.Therefore porn should be totally avoided if you wish to maintain emotional stability.

Tips To Help You Break Free From Pornography 

  • Convince yourself that viewing pornography has done you more harm than good. 
  • Make a firm resolve to stop the act. 
  • Avoid situations that compromise your resolve to break up with porn. For instance you could stop using your phone at night if you will be tempted to watch porn while others sleep. 
  • Talk to a trusted friend who can help you achieve your goal. In this case we would recommend an older friend as they would have more experience. 

The Role of Parents In Fighting Pornography

The home should be the first place the child learns about pornography and it’s dangers.The child will thus have an edge in the war against pornography.

Parents should also monitor their children’s use of the electronic devices from which porn can be accessed : Internet connected Cell phone or Computer system.

The ultimate power to decide on whether or not to use pornography rests with you.Making the right choice (avoiding pornography) is really rewarding.

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