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Six Must-Have Smart Home Devices For Every Family

control your home with smart devices

Smart home devices aren’t just for show-offs but a great way to save yourself time and stress. If you could get these future technology devices for your home, then you can be in charge of your household with very little effort.

Think about that neighbor that would always show up at your door to bother you about a weight loss product or her kids’ fundraiser. A simple smart device on your door could actually let you know whether to get to the door or not without getting your annoying neighbor in a bad mood.

Interestingly, these new smart home devices for your home can last long into the future. This is because device makers are now adopting cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Augmented Reality. There is little chance that you’ll need to replace any of these future technology devices, at least not soon.

If you’re looking to amplify your home with smart innovative technology devices, then there’s no better time to be alive!

Six Must-Have Smart Home Devices For Every Family

Device 1
Nest Hello Doorbell

If you want to stay in control of your door calls, then this easy to install smart home device can let you do that and even more. Nest Hello Doorbell comes with a built-in HD Video Camera that makes it possible for you to see from your phone, who is at the door.

Thanks to a built-in microphone and speaker, you can also speak to whoever is at the door even when you’re miles away from home.

Six Must-Have Smart Home Devices For Every Family 1

Nest Hello Doorbell

Picture and sound quality on your phone will be so perfect that you can really see the face of whoever is at the door and even eavesdrop on their conversation no matter how busy the street behind them may be.

You can buy this smart home device on Amazon for $219

Device 2
Amazon Echo

Launched in 2014, the artificial intelligence powered device from Amazon is a hands-free smart device that you can control with only your voice!

All you have to do is just ask and the appliance will play music, send and receive texts, make and receive calls or even give you a breakdown of the local weather report.

amazon echo smart home device

Amazon Echo Device

As you would expect, newer versions of the device are being rolled out with more awesome features.

To be on the safe side, you can get the latest 2nd-generation Amazon Echo device for $99 on Amazon.

Device 3
Innovative Light Dimmer

This smart home device by Lutron allows you to control the lights in your home even from inside your closet. There is no need to get new bulbs since it works perfectly with existing light bulbs such as (dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen)

Aside from an inwall-dimmer and a remote, the appliance also works with an Amazon Echo which means you could literally turn down the lights with your voice. Who needs a switch!

lutron light dimmer smart home devices

Lutron Light dimmer for smart homes

This smart home device is on Amazon for less than $60

Device 4
Curved TV Screen

This cool gadget is primed for high-quality pictures but delivers more by affording you a great viewing experience from any angle in the room. The curved shape is also famous (though it may seem funny at first) for minimizing the effects of glare from windows and other lights.

A lot of tech manufacturers are rolling out smart curved tv screens but the Samsung UN65MU8500 boasts a motion rate of 240 which is ideal for bringing sporting pictures to life in HD.

Samsung curved screen smart home device

Samsung UN65MU8500 curved screen

You can amplify your home with this smart future technology device for $1344 on Amazon

Device 5
Nest Security Camera

You will sleep better at night knowing that your home is well-protected and there is no better guard device than the Nest Cam. This smart home device will send you a phone alert or email photos each time it detects activity outside.

It also has a built-in speaker that lets you talk and listen to what’s going on outside. If you own an Amazon Echo, then you can control this device with voice commands.

Nest Security Camera

Nest Outdoor Security Camera

Beef up your security with this smart home device which goes for $169 on Amazon.

Device 6
Smart Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

Preventing cross-contamination does not come better than this touchless automatic trash can that can be opened and closed with the wave of a hand or foot.

Six Must-Have Smart Home Devices For Every Family 2

Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

A five-year warranty when you buy from Amazon means that this smart home technology device will last way long into the future.

Rounding Up

Your home is your pride and while you do not always need to show-off, it doesn’t hurt to get in a great and modern shape.

With these new smart home devices, you will be sure of a greater control and moving around your home will not be needlessly stressful. Your guests will also enjoy coming around your home each and every time.

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