The Most Common Error Students Make


When is the right time to start thinking about your future?
As a teen or in your late teen.

Well that is the reason for this writeup as we discovered through a survey that 80% of students actually do not know what they really wanna be until they leave secondary school .

Some would aspire to be doctors, lawyers, engineers or even accountants, without first giving due attention to what is required before you can excel in a particular field. The aftermath is that they actually get confused when they are done with secondary education as there are several endeavours or courses that promises a lot with only few returning desired results.

If you are still in secondary school then you probably need this advice.

‘Start Now To Give A Lot Of Attention To What You Really Want To Pursue As Soon As You’re Done With School’.

That way you have more time for errors and also increase your chances of succeeding in any endeavour you’ll choose to go after.

Here’s what we advice, If you wish to study Accountancy (or any other course), get to know what the field is about. Consider the employment opportunities available as well as your chances of excelling in the field. Consider the entrepreneurship opportunities, just in case you don’t manage to get a well paying job after higher education.

You can also predetermine whether your abilities and talents suit the course. If they don’t then you shouldn’t be going for it. This is why we advice early planning.

If you would also like to start up and entrepreneurship business as is advisable in Nigeria, then the best time to start is now.Get to know what is involved and also map out strategies to help you succeed.

You’ve wasted enough years!

If you wait till you get older,then you could get lost as you never really had any destination in mind.

Be wise, start thinking!

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