6 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Blog As A Student


Starting your blog as a Student

You don’t travel (starting a blog) without preparing for the journey, or do you?

Possibly you’ve read our post on reasons why every student should really consider starting a blog, and you thought,

“Okay, I want to do this”

Well just before you start your blog; this post will help you see what you need to put in place in other to enjoy a successful journey as a student blogger.

Since you’re still in school, you really need this in order to strike a healthy balance between your blogging and schooling.

Let’s roll!

6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Blog as A Student

1. A Niche to Blog On

While you may have a perceived interest in a wide range of topics or issues, your blog is not the place to write on all of those, otherwise, it becomes difficult to figure out whom your audience really is.

You cannot be talking about sports, local events, health, fitness, science, technology, and community all at the same time.

The issue, topic or interest that you’ll be writing about on your blog is your niche.

It is important that you start your blog on a niche you’re really passionate about or in the long run, you might find it difficult to keep generating content for your readers.

Here’s a good suggestion.

As a student, start a blog on a niche that is woven around the career that you wish to pursue.

  • If you are working to become a doctor, then you can start a health or medicine blog
  • For students looking to pursue a career in the financial industry, you can start a blog about modern financial technology such as mobile banking or blockchain.
  • For aspiring journalists, starting a blog on local events can be a huge boost to your career
  • Students who wish to pursue a career in cybersecurity can also start a blog on cybercrime

The three suggestions should give you a clue on what niche is related to your own career, so write it down as we move on.

If you’re still struggling to find a niche, then you can read this niche guide

2. Your Audience

Who will need the information or content that you’ll be putting up on your blog? Figuring this out will make your blogging journey more productive and laser-focused.

A good knowledge of your audience involves

  • Knowing where to find them, so that you can share your content with them. This is to improve readership on your blog.
  • Discerning what specific posts they love to engage with and make sure you can provide them.

Your niche practically defines your audience, but always bear in mind that they must be people who have regular access to the internet.  A blog targeted at kids or really old people is a good example of what to avoid.

3. Your Blogging Tools

You may have wondered at some point, exactly what gadgets you need to start your blog or maybe as some folks would always ask,

Can I blog from a mobile phone?

You can start blogging with a smartphone or tablet that has a fully functioning browser like Google Chrome and Internet connectivity.

However, for best results, it is recommended that you use a computer system. If you do not have one in your home, then you can use the computers at public places like the internet cafe.

A good mobile device and internet connectivity are the basic tools you need to start with.

Others include a text editor like

  • Notepad and Microsoft Word for desktop
  • Jotterpad and Evernote for mobile
  • A blog book for putting down new ideas, and your internet details.


4. Content Source

Since you never want that day to come, when visitors will get on your blog and find no real information, it is important that you consider where you will be getting your posts from.

Will it be purely your thoughts, a literary work, a research work or from any other source?

Will this source ever run dry?

It is the content that you put out on your blog that determines whether readers will come back after their first visit. To sustain reader’s interest, bloggers around the world recommend that you work on producing unique content and not copy contents from other sites.

A lot of contents on the web are protected by copyright rules and you can run into trouble by using them on your blog.

Writing for a blog audience also differs with writing for a general audience, therefore, your blog articles should be easy to scan through and presented in an easy to understand language.

5. Time to Be Devoted

While it is already obvious that you will be blogging part-time in other to incorporate your blogging with schooling, it is also important that you stipulate exactly the amount of time you plan to devote to your blog daily, weekly or monthly.

This time would largely be determined by how frequently you want your blog updated but should not be too large to encroach on your studies or too small that you fail to give your audience fresh content.

The time you spend on gathering information, writing the posts, publishing them on your blog, sharing it with readers and responding to their feedback is what makes up for time devoted to your blogging efforts.

Two, three or five hours daily or weekly? You decide!

6. Funding

Blogging requires money!

Remembers the tools mentioned in heading 3, you need to get them readily available in other to sustain your blogging efforts.

Granted, the major tools such as a computer, smartphone or tablet is a one-time expense but paying for internet usage is a recurring expense and one that you almost cannot avoid.

If you also have to make use of the internet in a public place, then you have to pay a token each time you visit.

So, pinpoint where you’ll be getting the money needed to run your blog.

Your parents may be willing to support you if you speak with them, or you could perhaps use your savings for this purpose. Don’t spend it all on snacks or stuff.

In the end, you’re the one who will reap the rewards, so sacrificing a little comfort to this course, definitely won’t hurt.


Rounding Up

You do not want to start a journey you cannot complete, right?

Hello friend, once you have this checklist sorted out, then you’re ready to start your blog as a student. A smooth part-time blogging journey waits.


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