black blockchain summit washington 2018

Even though blockchain technology is currently finding its root in Africa, startups are currently taking an active part in the global scene.

Nairobi-based Bithub Africa is co-hosting what could be the largest black blockchain summit in 2018. The landmark event is set to take place at the Howard University in Washington DC.on Sept 10 and 11 2018.

According to BitcoinKE, the event will tackle some of the challenges facing the Black African community especially with regards to Blockchain Technology adoption.

Panelists will also touch on other crucial issues such as financial inclusion, the environment, property rights, wealth creation, land, and academics.

The event is expected to lead to the discovery of innovative solutions that solve the real issues facing the adoption of the technology in black communities around the globe.

It will also “give black people a platform to contribute to the formulation of solutions while identifying ways in which the blockchain space is relevant to the black communities”.

Bithub Africa founder, John Karanja said in the report,

“I have attended close to 20 blockchain/crypto summits across the world and none of them has discussed real issues. These summits discuss things that are unreachable to the black communities at the moment.”

The involvement of African-based blockchain projects will no doubt lead to the development of a tangible solution that can be applied in the region.

African Blockchain Startups at the Black Blockchain Summit 2018

Aside from Bithub Africa, a number of blockchain projects operating within the region are also represented at the event.

For instance, Zimbabwe-based crypto remittance services provider, BitMari is among the hosts for the event. Also, delegates from KuBitX Exchange, Satoshi Center and EOS Nairobi will be at the event.

Global recognized blockchain and cryptocurrency companies co-hosting the event include Bittrex, Bitland, Gemini, UpHold, BTCMedia, CageChain, and PerkinsCoie.

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