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Use BrightFinance for Making Profits From The Booming Crypto Market


Planning to trade cryptocurrencies? Think of BrightFinance. They are a very lucrative investment currently because there are numerous developments taking place in this market and new crypto coins are being introduced. It is one of the best times to invest in this trading asset and many people are jumping on the bandwagon to do so.

If you want to do the same, you should be aware that you first need a broker. Without them, you will not be able to trade because they give you access to the market. So, how do you find and choose a broker?

There are a number of brokers who offer crypto trading opportunities, but not all of them are as diverse and well-developed as BrightFinance. This platform has been created to help people from all over the world in trading in the cryptocurrency market.


The broker has earned a solid reputation because it offers the best conditions for trading various cryptocurrencies and offers the features that can make it easy and simple. What will you find when you choose BrightFinance? Find what makes this broker so special:

There is a vast asset index to choose from

If you want to maximize your crypto returns, the best way to do so is through diversification. You need to put your money into as many cryptocurrencies as possible because this reduces the risk of making hefty losses and allows you to earn a lot of profits.

The problem is that most brokers don’t really offer you many digital coins to invest in. BrightFinance has distinguished itself in this aspect because it is offering more than 500 cryptocurrencies via its platform.

Not only has it added some of the most popular market options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Dash, it has also incorporated some lesser-known yet profitable crypto coins. Both newbies and experienced traders will enjoy the vast asset index and reap its benefits.

The spreads are incomparable

How will the broker earn its profits? Obviously, no one will offer you their services for free, so the question is how will they charge you? Will they use a commission model or go with spreads?

BrightFinance has chosen to go with spreads because commissions can often demotivate traders. In some cases, spreads also discourage because they are too high, but this is not the case at BrightFinance.

The broker is offering some of the tightest and most competitive spreads in the market. As a matter of fact, they are downright incomparable and this lets you take most of your profits home. The possibility of earning more encourages traders to trade more, which means you can enjoy solid returns.

You get to use big leverages

You will notice brokers advertising about high leverages, such as 1:200, which seems quite impressive. This is true for traders who don’t have a lot of capital, have their funds tied up in other trades or just want to invest more in a trade because they can get higher returns.

The problem is that you soon realize that this kind of leverage is only available for forex currencies or other financial instruments and not cryptocurrencies. Most brokers don’t offer more than 1:2 because they are volatile.

This is not a hurdle you will encounter when you sign up with BrightFinance. This broker has focused on the crypto market and so they are offering leverage as high as 1:5. This may still seem limited to some, but it is just right when you see it from the perspective of cryptocurrencies.

As they are volatile, you don’t want to risk a lot and this leverage lets you keep risks in check and maximize profits as well.

Get a web-based trading platform

Technological advancement has enabled brokers to offer their clients different kinds of trading platforms to choose from. You can opt for a desktop trading platform, a mobile version or a web-based version.

BrightFinance has chosen to go for the third option i.e. a web-based trading platform because it can offer the flexibility of the mobile version and the powerful features and great performance of the desktop version. Plus, it eliminates the disadvantages of both, which is certainly a good thing.

The web-based trading platform that you will find on BrightFinance boasts some of the most advanced and latest charting tools and indicators that can make a massive difference in the outcomes of your trades. You can enjoy one-click trading with easy accessibility to everything you need.

The platform also gives you access to the latest news and enter multiple trades simultaneously. It is an intuitive solution that can adjust to the unique needs of the traders and help them have a great experience when trading cryptocurrencies.

The diversity in account option

BrightFinance is a tad different than the other brokers in the market when it comes to account options. Rather than following the same standard formula, the broker has chosen to provide five account types to choose from. They begin with Explorer, an account that can be opened with just $250.

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You can move onto Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, as per your convenience and preference. There is a world of features that you will find in each of these account options and all of them are in accordance with the needs and experience of the traders. This allows you to have your needs fulfilled without getting frustrated with a lack of options or heavy restrictions.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a trader long to realize that BrightFinance is the choice you need to make for trading cryptocurrencies easily. Their sign up process is streamlined and lets you get started quickly.

The customer support team is very professional and always ready to asset, the deposit and withdrawal methods are plenty, the security measures definitely reassuring and the trading academy ensures that you know the art of cryptocurrency trading. You will not be disappointed with BrightFinance and will start raking in the profits from the crypto market soon.

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