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Why People Join Cults ; Why You Should Not

Symbols Used By Cults

A secret cult or gang is any organisation whose activities are only known to its initiated members with all their operations done in secret. It often involves ritual practices not made known to members of the public.
They have signs and symbols that may mean nothing to non-members.

Some youths especially students willingly join cult groups because of the following reasons:

1.To Gain A Sense Of Identity And Recognition

Some people want to be recognized as people of importance. However there is a huge difference between fame and notoriety. Being exceptionally good until people notice is fame while being exceptionally bad until people notice is notoriety.

    Why You Should Not Join

    Positive recognition comes not by doing the wrong things but by upholding the norms of the society.


    Some students join cult groups after suffering several crisis from cult members. They join the cults to avoid being victimized by their peers who are into it.

      Why You Should Not Join

      It would be unwise to seek protection from something dangerous by doing the same dangerous stuff. Joining cult groups because of their advances means loosing your self-will and marks the beginning to ultimate slavery.

      3.Lack Of Purpose

      Most students join cult or gangster groups in the tertiary educational institutions when they do not really have a reason of being there. These students depend on other people to govern their lives.

        Why You Should Not Join

        Having a defined purpose of why you are on campus in mind will help you realize that cult activities are irrelevant to your goals.

        4.In Search Of Protection

        Some weak students join cults because they feel unsafe and want some form of protection which they believe the cult group can offer.

          Why You Should Not Join

          There are constant power tussles among rival cult groups which could lead to death of its members during cult wars or disagreement amongst members of the same cult.

          Having deliberated on why some people willingly join cult groups, here are measures to take if you do not want to be initiated without your consent:

          • Be careful with invitations for drinks and food. When you are intoxicated, you can be raped or robbed. Also photographs could be taken to blackmail you until you join the cult or gangster group.
          • Do not attend parties and shows that you do not know the host especially on campus.
          • Beware of sudden acquaintances. When one develops sudden interest in you, try to know what the person really wants from you.

          Dangers Of Cultism

          • Loss of life results during initiations or wars against rival cults. Cult members could suffer injuries or be permanently disfigured.
          • Health problems are prevalent due to use of harmful drugs and blood by cult groups. An untested blood sample could inflict members with incurable disease.

          • Poor academic performance is a record of cultists who have no time to attend lectures and are always in and out of police cells.
          • Cultists loose their right to choose between right and wrong while dancing to the tune of their cult leader.
          • Cultism breeds other social vices such as rape, robbery, blackmail, assassination.

          Tips To Help You Break Free From Cultism

          • Highlight the bad sides of your involvement in cult activities.
          • Admit your error.
          • Develop a strong desire to leave the group and carry it out.
          • Be willing to make amends.
          • Seek help from a responsible adult and security agencies in case of threat from members.


          Cultism is not worth the hassle. Cult groups do not make you succeed academically or grant you financial stability. It only exposes you to serious problems.

          Having a defined purpose of why you are on campus in mind will help you realise that cult activities are irrelevant to your goals.

          Say ‘NO’ to cultism and enjoy your youthful years free of the worries that it brings.

          In the comments box, tell us ways to curtail cultism

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