WorldStocks Review: A Must Read For Intending Users

Every day, people keep looking for the best way to improve their living by increasing their income. However, many have realized that the best way to improve their way of living is to trade.

With the knowledge that the way to improve one’s way of living is to trade, three questions arise:

  • What to trade?
  • How to trade? 
  • What tools to use to trade?

After deciding what to trade and how to trade, the next question that arises is with what will a trader trade?

It is impossible to keep count of available brokers. Every day, more brokers are coming with a plan most do not fulfill. In this review, we will take a look at one broker that has promised to provide traders with the best trading experience, and is keeping its words.

WorldStocks is a broker that has promised the best trading experience, and it’s fulfilling this promise. The operating company of WorldStocks is called Kabahunt OU. Kabahunt OU is a Linnaosa-based regulated company.

WorldStocks has received many industry awards for being one of the leading brokerage platforms available, thus supporting its claim that it provides “a 360° degree approach to online trading.”

Let’s take a closer look at what the broker offers.

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What To Expect on WorldStocks

  • Investment Security 

Yearly, traders lose billions of dollars to brokers that file for bankruptcy. Trader’s investments are not secure in the hands of such brokers. At times, traders lose their money to defrauding schemes by some brokers. However, it is disheartening to see and hear of traders losing their funds for these reasons.

WorldStocks, on the other hand, is nothing close to the brokers stated above. WorldStocks assures its existing clients and intends that their investments are secure. Client’s funds are protected even if WorldStocks goes bankrupt. Segregation of client funds is one of the many security measures. The separation means that the trader’s funds are kept in a different account and cannot be affected even in case of WorldStocks’ bankruptcy. 

User-friendly Interface 

Watching professionals trade is fascinating. Occasionally, when a novice to trading decides to use the same trading platform as the professional, the learner finds out that it is not easy to trade. 

The problem stated above has a solution. Make a trading platform more user-friendly, so that traders can focus on what they know how to do best. 

WorldStocks has done just that by providing a user-friendly trading platform. All trading tools, including charting, order books, and pair selection, etc. can be easily accessed, thanks to the beautiful, enabled user-friendly trading interface powered by MT4.

Multi-Platform Support

Traders who are familiar with trading on software are acquainted with MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform available. Little wonder many traders, both beginner, and experts, trust and use it. 

Additionally, a trading platform is almost useless if a trader cannot trade from anywhere he wants. To fill the need for traders to trade on the go, WorldStocks’s MetaTrader 4 powered application is available for mobile phones. Traders can download the MetaTrader 4 app from their respective play store.

The MetaTrader 4 is also available for traders who would also like to trade using the web. The exciting thing about the web-format is that it does not have compatibility issues with any device. It can be used on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop because it runs like a website. 

It is also vital to mention that you only need one account to access your trading portfolio across all these devices. 

A Regulated Platform

With many brokerage scams today, traders are skeptical about a brokerage they choose. This is to avoid adding their money to the pool of millions of dollars lost to brokerage scams annually. The proven remedy for most traders is to register with regulated brokerage platforms.

WorldStocks is one of those regulated platforms. It is registered, and traders can see the registration number on the site. 

Additionally, traders tend to trust a brokerage that has existed for a long time, even when these brokers are not regulated. WorldStocks has been living for a while now and is trusted. The broker abides by International Anti Money Laundering (AML) security policy and the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy for onboarding financial services clients. 

Customer Support

While many brokers arguably have the right set of trading tools, they’re probably lacking when it comes to providing a professional customer support team to augment the entire experience. Traders will always need support when issues such as fund withdrawal, deposits, or any other problems suffice.

WorldStocks has promised to relieve traders who suffer poor support from their brokers, but being there for them. The support desk runs 24 hours, five days weekly, and traders can reach out whenever they have any issues. 

Traders can decide to lodge their complaints via a telephone, email, or live chat feature on the website.

Trading Tools

A good trading platform must offer traders the best in terms of trading tools. 

Some trading platforms offer traders less than twenty indicators. These indicators are all supposed to help a trader understand market trends, but when they are less, it is hard for traders to understand the market trends and lose their funds in the process. 

WorldStocks trading platform is different. Over thirty indicators are provided for traders to understand the latest market trends. When traders understand the latest market trend, they will be able to make the right decisions regarding their trades and make more profit.

There are also over twenty technical analysis tools. These technical analysis tools, like the indicators, are also available to traders to make wise decisions and trade to make more profit.

All the features on the WorldStocks trading platform are all to provide traders the best trading experience.

Tight Spreads and Leveraged Positions

Experienced traders understand that trading conditions, such as leverage, margin, and spread size significantly affects their profit potential. Hence, they carefully compare these conditions before signing up.

The leverage is a form of assistance traders receive from their broker in the form of borrowed capital to help them enter large trades. The margin, on the other hand, has to do with the trader’s account. The margin is the amount of money required to be in a trader’s account when he goes into a trade. 

Despite the inherent risk associated with margin or leveraged traders, many trading platforms offer traders with high leverage and margin ratios. Despite the inherent risk associated with margin or leveraged traders, most brokers still tolerate high leverage options to encourage traders to enter more risky trades and make more money for the broker. 

Unlike other brokers, WorldStocks offers traders leverage functionalities that are not too small and too big with risk warnings provided on first use. 

Aside from the leverage, traders also need to check the size of spreads even though this usually differs based on the category of account you create with a broker. 

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What Assets Can I Trade on WorldStocks?

A trader should be able to access any market they want via a single broker, and not create multiple accounts with different brokers to access diverse asset classes. 

WorldStocks could easily break into a list of the best brokerage platforms, offering 200+ assets covering a significant part of the financial market. These current asset indexes and market pairs fall within the primary six asset classes. This vast exposure is possible because the broker primarily supports contract-for-difference (CFDs).

When trading CFDs, it is important to note that traders are not required to acquire any asset they want to trade. All a trader has to do is predict price actions, and based on the outcome of the price actions, traders are either rewarded for predicting right with profits or may incur a loss for a wrong prediction.

On WorldStocks, there are over 200 tradable assets traded spanning across different financial markets. These include:


  • Currencies

A brokerage platform is incomplete when it does not offer something to the Forex traders. Forex traders can trade on the WorldStocks platform and can access several currency pairs, including those with low trading volumes.


  • Cryptocurrencies

Most people, including some traders, believe that investing in a cryptocurrency is for the future. In the meantime, crypto-based CFDs traders are amassing more than enough profits by predicting price actions, and with the total crypto market above $200 billion, there could be a reason to believe it will grow bigger.

Now, many brokerage platforms do not offer cryptocurrencies as part of their tradable assets. Traders who use WorldStocks can trade CFDs for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many more without having to buy, mine, or hold them.


  • Stocks and Indices

WorldStocks offers its traders the opportunity to speculate on the price growth of the best companies in the world, as well as promising startups like Tesla. Traders who invest in stock CFDs do so with hopes that the companies will grow in size and increase their profit margins.

In addition to stocks, WorldStocks also offer indices. Traders can invest in indices like FTSE 100, DJIA 100, and many more.


  • Commodities 

Commodity trading (buying and selling for raw materials) is as old as man and remains profitable. 

The WorldStocks platform offers it, traders, the liberty to trade different commodities, including both hard and soft commodities.

With enhanced technology, traders can access the leading world’s leading raw materials like cotton, gold, silver, wheat, maize, and many more. 

In addition to the diverse assets, the WorldStocks platform offers a variety of trading tools and indicators. 

Account Types 

Anyone should be able to use a brokerage platform irrespective of their experience or capital. There are different types of accounts on WorldStocks to cater to traders of diverse experiences. These include:

  • Essential
  • Micro
  • Standard 
  • Premium 
  • Premium-pro

All these account types are designed to help traders of all levels trade comfortably on WorldStocks.com. 

The minimum deposits for these accounts range between $250 for the Essential account to $200,000 for the Premium-Pro account. Also, as one would expect, the account features improve as you rise through the hierarchy.

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Signing Up on WorldStocks

It should take you only a few minutes to sign up with the broker. First, you need to submit the necessary information, including your name, email, phone number, and preferred currency. After confirming your account via email, you can proceed with supplying other compliance documents.

Once approved, you can fund your account and start trading right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About World Stocks

Do I need to submit a KYC document to register on WorldStocks?

Every intending user must submit a means of identification before they can access all the features of WorldStocks. 

The means of identification may include a National ID card, passport, or driver’s license. Besides, traders are also required to submit a proof of resident document.

These may consist of; a utility bill or bank statement. It is only after submitting the necessary documents that a trader’s account will be marked “Verified,” and they can fund the account to start trading.

Can I trade from the US?

Unfortunately, the WorldStocks platform is not available to United States residents. This is as a result of well-known regulatory barriers. Residents of any OFAC sanctioned country also cannot access the WorldStocks trading platform.

Will it be advisable to use a VPN and a falsified identification document to register on the platform? No, if such traders are caught, their funds will most likely be confiscated.

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Final Thoughts

The fact that there are numerous trading platforms makes it difficult to single out which one has the best trading functionalities and a professional support desk.

As we’ve discussed in WorldStocks review, the trading platform is also regulated, secure, and affordable. The features of the WorldStocks’ trading platform are user-friendly, and traders of different levels can use it if they choose to do so.

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